We are always looking for the latest news in health and wellness. Today we talk about science vs wellness, vegan seafood, Sidney’s new girls-only fitness studio, Facebook’s mentorship program and much more.

Sydney’s New Girls-Only Fitness Studio Promises A Healthy Body & Mind

Just the word ‘fitness’ conjures up images of dimly lit high intensity training rooms run by instructors with loud voices and even louder muscles, long lines of cardio equipment, heavy weights racks, calorie counting and protein shakes. And sure, there’s a lot to love about all of those things, but are they really what creates long-term change and happiness for most women?


Yes, you *can* be pro-wellness and pro-science at the same time

When my mother was being treated for breast cancer back in the 1990s, she developed a very common side effect from chemo: constipation. Her oncologist prescribed a medication, which proved explosively effective (ahem). So on top of the general misery of living in a body that’s processing chemo chemicals, she had excruciating stomach cramps.

This new company is creating super-realistic vegan versions of your favorite seafood staples

So far, 2018 has been a really great year to be vegan. Long gone are the days of having to choose between limited options that taste more like cardboard than food in order to get your faux-animal-product fix: Now there’s ultra-creamy ice cream, Beyond Burgers gracing the meat aisles of grocery stores, plenty of non-dairy options at Starbucks, and Impossible Burgers making history by being served at fast food chains.

Facebook Announces New Mentorship Program for Groups

Facebook is expanding its mentorship connection tools by adding a new option to groups which will enable group admins to connect mentors and mentees within their communities. As explained by Facebook: “Last year we piloted Mentorship , and by bringing it to groups, people in existing communities can now connect and get one-on-one support through a guided program.”

LikeToKnow.it gets 100 influencers to tell all about their careers in new book

Self-described shopping discovery platform LikeToKnow.it is publishing its first book in September. The book, titled LikeToKnow.it: Stories From The Influencers Next Door, includes photoshoots and interviews with over 100 of the platform’s top influencers.