November is deep in pumpkin season, there is no way to deny it. Autumn in itself is a great season.

“Autumn is a wonderful season, especially as far as food is concerned. You get to eat food that is flavoursome and comforting, not unlike that lovely thick and soft blanket that lies on your sofa in your living room” (Hedi Hearts)

To celebrate Autumn, Hedi created this wonderful muffin recipe with pumpkin puree.

Credits: Hedi Hearts

Pumpkin is incredibly versatile. You can mix it up in treat ideas or warming soups for the chilly autumn days – we have one delicious easy pumpkin soup recipe from the Flourishing Pantry. The secret ingredient? Ginger.

 My favourite addition is definitely fresh ginger. I found this in a recipe when doing some research and it really works, bringing a great zing to the soup.

Credits: Flourishing Pantry

If you fancy being adventurous, try the Growing Butterfly’s spiced doughnuts with maple syrup or

For easier pumpkin ideas get back to salads (just like this lentil, kale, orange salad) or everybody’s breakfast favourites, the Irish Balance’s pumpkin pancakes or Hannah and Fitness’ pumpkin bread.

Credits: Hannah and Fitness

Lastly, we have a few recommendations for snacks

“For all of our favourite go-to snacks (like granola bars, for example) there is ALWAYS a healthy, homemade and vegan alternative. Ditch the long list of ingredients. Don’t accept that garbage into your life. Plus, when you eat well, nutrient dense, simple ingredients you can eat in abundance!” This is how Luxlake introduces her chewy granola bars. For the chocolate lovers, the triple chocolate, peanut  butter and pumpkin bars from Vee Fitness Food are surely a treat.

Credits: Lux Lake