The rooms are run by the renowned Jayne Wallace: a talented clairvoyant who has worked with the rich and famous and honed her skills from a young age. She was discovered by the manager of Selfridges whilst conducting a reading for one of her friends in a café.

Having heard about the Psychic Sisters via one of Jayne’s many celebrity appearances (from Kim Kardashian to Larry King), I proceeded to read every article I could find about them online. Despite being as cynical as many a scientist would be, I have always liked a little dose of spirituality, having grown up with a Korean mother who was often reading our palms and interpreting our dreams (she would claim her findings were completely unbiased of course).

According to psychics, psychometric readings (where they hold an item dear to you or from a deceased loved one whilst conducting a reading) work based on the idea that everything around us, and everyone that has passed, becomes an energy or frequency that can be tapped into.

We all may possess the ‘gift’ to certain extremes, but psychics claim they have trained their abilities and are more readily in tune with these frequencies.

Having had a day of revision lectures at the Royal society of Medicine up the road from Selfridges, I decided to let off some steam by popping in to see if I could get a last minute appointment with my boyfriend. Jayne Wallace has trained a variety of readers under her name, so as I leafed through the booklet handed to me at reception, I wasn’t sure who to book an appointment with that night. The decision was quickly made for us when it was revealed that everyone had been booked up well in advance (with Jayne being busy for the next two months), bar Isabelle who had received a last minute cancellation. She was also one of the few readers that agreed to see couples.

At £70 (non-refundable) for a 30 minute reading, it is beyond me why anyone would cancel.

However, being in Selfridges I would assume their more regular clientele are rarely short of funds! In fact, it’s stated that people have been banned from visiting The Psychic Sisters too often and are limited to 2 readings per year at most, as the practice can become addictive with a good reader.

Isabelle’s biography sounded promising; a Portuguese gypsy that had honed her skills from an early age and specialised in Tarot and Palm readings (there are other readers who specialise in things from crystal healing to ‘intuitive counselling’). When we arrived back at the reading room an hour later, a large, tanned and motherly figure greeted us with a warm hand as she ushered us onto the stool in front of her candle-lit table.

The session started with Isabelle writing down the day, month and year of our birthdays on her notepad and working out a set of numbers from these dates. Apparently these were our lucky numbers and ones she would use during the tarot card reading. I was determined not to give anything away, so Isabelle did not know anything about my background or what I was currently studying.

As I was born in July, we started with an analysis of my zodiac – cancer the crab.

I had heard most of this already, having read about star signs on the internet many times before: moody, sensitive, creative and family orientated.

Tarot Card Reading

Isabelle took out a water deck as cancer is a water sign and asked me to shuffle, before spreading the cards out along the table; I had to pick 3 cards with my left hand. The first was that of 8 empty cups becoming 8 full cups – I had “been through a very difficult patch in the summer of 2015 but the following 2016 would be more positive and [my] sacrifices would be worth it in the end’’. Although this is a very general statement it did resonate with me as something completely out of the ordinary happened to me last year that had turned things upside down and required me to make a sacrifice.

As she began to read my boyfriend’s deck, we both found the reading very personal and emotional; it is an odd experience to have a stranger make you feel as though they know you on such a personal level. All in all, there was nothing that we could really disagree with and the main conflicts my boyfriend currently experiences within his career were rather specific and surprisingly accurate from Isabelle’s analysis.

Palm Reading

Isabelle next looked at my palms and felt my hands. The first thing she said was ‘Why are you not exercising any more?’ I used to be a very keen runner, getting up early before lectures to run almost every day. As the clinical years came around, I started gymming slightly less until eventually last year I pretty much gave up altogether, which is not very like me. However, moving houses every few months I have not stayed in one place long enough to even find a local gym. Despite this my weight has not changed very much and the figure on the scales has actually gone down (from muscle loss / a bit of stress) so I doubt she looked at me and thought that I must be a total couch potato (at least I hope not!).

The next message was also quite accurate. As a young woman of 24 you would not expect me to be worrying about my fertility at all. However, having been on an obstetrics and gynecology placement for a few months, it was something I began to obsesses over pretty much constantly.

I saw countless young women attending clinics with lifelong problems that they would have never even suspected at my age. Having had a diagnosis of PCOS in the past (where you ovulate less frequently than normal) I was biting my nails over what would happen in the future. One of the problems with working in medicine is that you can get rather a skewed perception of the likelihood of developing certain conditions, as you only ever see the minority that do. It’s safe to say I was suffering from a severe case of hypochondria, aka medical student syndrome.

‘I know you have been worrying about your fertility for a while now’

she said soothingly, without any prompt whatsoever, ‘however stressing is only going to make things worse. Just relax, take up swimming and eat plenty of fresh seafood and tropical fruit, my dear.’

Isabelle also said that she saw a key in my palm and that I shouldn’t get too comfortable with where I am now, as I would be moving home again soon. This may seem like a generic statement; perhaps I am simply at an age where moving home is not uncommon. However, she went on to say, ‘so what are we going to do about America – California, San Francisco?’… The exact two places my boyfriend and I have discussed emigrating to in the next 1-2 years!

All in all, I thought the experience was therapeutic. Who doesn’t like a half hour completely dedicated to their own egos and the feeling of being watched over by an unexplained spirit world, full of reassuring energy?! Positive energy is always welcome, especially when you live in London…