Popular group exercise classes in the past have been extremely taxing on the body. Take for instance, body-pump, bootcamp, or HIIT; the movements in these classes can cause a lot of wear and tear on joints and — even when moves are performed correctly!

Consumers are searching for a sustainable regime that yields serious fitness results without the stress on the body.

Enter the barre class.

Because barre classes are so low in impact, clients can tone their body without needing to take days off.

Beyond the low impact movements in barre, clients are also benefiting from a community-like atmosphere and fun music. As adults, there are very few places where you can feel like you are moving to the beat of the music with your friends!

We always hear that “it’s going to be easy” or “it’s ballet – I don’t dance”.

Spoiler alert: barre is hard! It takes so much core strength to hold these positions properly — resulting in a total body workout in every single position.

We also don’t dance in class but merely move to the beat of the music, just like a spin class does!

What’s spinning?

To have the perfect playlist there needs to be a lot of ebbs and flows in both the musical tone, genre, and artists.

We pride ourselves on playing the most current beats but we can’t ignore a good Bieber classic. It’s our mission to evoke a feeling from each song you hear in class, and overall, to make the experience fun!

Take for example “Waterfalls Acoustic Version” by Acoustic Covers. The TLC remix will bring you right back to your 90s MC Hammer pants while smiling through a slower part of class. These moments are what we strive for in every beat.

The Barre Project (TBP) differs in a few ways from other barre concepts.

First off, we wanted to create a spin-like atmosphere so that clients can truly escape into their workout. Our multi-hued lighting not only allows clients to escape, but each colour is carefully selected for each part of the workout. For example, in the intense sections of class we use a red hue because red is a great energiser; red stimulates adrenaline resulting in more powerful movements.

TBP is absolutely a fusion of athletic movements, such as squats and lunges, with traditional barre movements.

Isometric movements are only effective if combined with compound movements and it’s our mission to ensure your body is moving in a different way every single class. At the same time, our technique is firmly rooted in Barre. A big part of our philosophy is that we are a barre studio at heart but we combine concepts from other techniques so we 1. Keep it fresh, and 2. Ensure our technique is super effective.

At the TBP are our diverse class offerings.

In order to see total body results you simply cannot do the same movements over and over again. To that end, our classes are designed so that you never take the same class twice, and we have designed something totally new: we offer a SWEAT class, think barre meets bootcamp. We take the low impact movements barre is known for and infuse them with cardiovascular exercises. Combining these two methods into your fitness routine will keep you mentally interested and get you closer to your fitness goals.

The future is bright for barre!

First, barre is an insanely effective workout that has been gaining popularity every year, but it hasn’t quite reached the level of recognition that yoga or Pilates has… yet. Second, there is such an opportunity for creativity within the space. Studios can use different specialty props such as ankle weights or sliders to add varying levels to the method – stay tuned: TBP is continuously evolving!

Ready for your first barre class?

Bring a friend! We all know how scary it is to try something new. When you have someone with you, you are more likely to let go of your reservations and have fun.

Once you’ve convinced your friend to sign up, call your local studio and check out the necessary attire. In our studio, we wear socks to ensure the space stays as clean as possible for all our clients.