It comes as no surprise that we’re a little bit obsessed with smoothie bowl art here at the HBC.

From our favourite food bloggers to aspiring artists with the skills of Salvador, we scroll through our Insta feed in awe most mornings, drooling over the masterpieces on our screens. If only double tapping could get you instant delivery from your favourite Insta-spirations!

We have been so impressed with the smoothie creations we’ve seen on social media recently that we just had to share a few of our favourite smoothie artists to follow. Warning: toast may no longer cut it in the morning.

Rachel Lorton


Vegan smoothie bowl artist Rachel creates beautifully bright and multi-coloured breakfast bowls that take #eattherainbow to a whole new level. On top of this, Rachel creates easy to follow ‘how-to’ videos for amateur smoothie artist enthusiasts to learn from too!

Alpha Foodie

There’s no denying that Samira’s simple, clean and minimal smoothie bowls are a treat for the palette as well as the eye. Her feed is filled with inventive smoothie bowls that feature luscious pastel pinks and baby blue bases. What’s more, Samira’s smoothies are always flavoured with natural ingredients. Who said eating healthily had to be boring?

Hazel Zakariya

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These creations go beyond anything else we’ve seen on Instagram — Hazel’s smoothie bowls are beautifully hand-crafted pieces of edible art. From intricate florals to whimsical birds and even a scene from La La Land (yes, drawn and balanced on a smoothie!), Hazel’s super talented bowls are a treat for the eye as well as the belly.

Alena Food Photo

Scroll through Alena’s feed and you’ll be rewarded with vibrant purple porridge, yellow smoothies reminiscent of sunshine and picture-perfect plant based snacks. This professional food photographer and stylist provides daily breakfast inspiration set against rustic backdrops.


Smoothie bowls, smoothie jars, frozen smoothie pops… You name it, the two sisters behind Panaceas Pantry  — Kath and Jade — are the queens of healthy breakfasts. Once you feast your eyes on their incredibly vibrant and refreshing plant based creations, you may be inspired to become a smoothie bowl extraordinaire yourself.