It’s becoming less and less popular to specialise in one type of exercise.

We used to claim that we do barre or lifting or running, but now health fanatics all over the world are realising that you don’t need to specialise in just one sport.

With so many diverse options out there for workouts and studios, why should we have just one studio membership?

In a typical week, I use my gym, my F45 membership and I do some home workouts. This means my workouts are changing weekly and range from all manner of exercise types.

Having more than one studio membership allows me to run through many different workout types within the space of a couple of days- something I couldn’t do if I had just one studio membership.

There are many factors that I love about having such diverse spaces to workout in and many people across the country feel the same way.

Primarily, with the fitness industry booming and more and more people working out as a social experience, studios are popping up everywhere. At each studio, you create relationships with the trainers and other members that regularly attend and it becomes a community.

We repeatedly attend sessions, as studios attract us with the latest workout trends, juice bars and even personal trainers who are well known across much of our social media. Some of the most the most popular studios include Barry’s Bootcamp, F45 and UN1T.

However, although alike in their missions, it is clear that there is a wide variation in the way each studio operates. For instance, each studio changes there classes each day, but do so differently.

At Barry’s Bootcamp a certain group of muscles will be targeted whilst at F45 and UN1T, each class has a name which regular members will come to recognise as including either cardio or strength moves. For example at F45, some classes that include cardio are called athletica and docklands and some classes incorporating strength moves are called romans and panthers.

By doing so, gym bunnies become accustomed to what we’re about to let ourselves in for!

As said on the F45 website

“around the world, people are demanding new and varying training styles and personalised instruction to reach their health and fitness goals”

As humans, we often crave a life full of variety and ease.

The differences between each studio also meet our fast-paced lives, as having a membership to a couple of our favourite studios, allows us to hop (as gym bunnies do) from studio to studio, in between our work and family lives. Fitness and health are becoming more and more accessible to everyone and an abundance of studios allows this concept to develop.

However you like to train, there will always be a studio for you.

From bodybuilders to ballerinas, a membership to more than one studio offers variety, community and ease.

I, for one, know that I can own my workouts at each and every studio!