This article is from Araminta Sheridan, who’ll be joining us tomorrow for our Instagram talk for brands.

After a rather indulgent Christmas break, we will be more than ready to head back into a normal work / life balance.

The break in routine over the holidays is the perfect opportunity to distance ourselves enough to see what positive changes we need to make to restart the new year with a bang.

Now is the time to get organised and efficient to keep our zen on well into 2018.

Here are some of my top tips:

1. Write your to-do list at the end of the working day, rather than the start.

This allows you to crack on with work more efficiently at the start of the day. Download Wunderlist. It has changed my life, seriously. Lists, sub-lists, home lists, work lists, shared lists, all the lists. Make sure you get the phone and the desktop app.


2. Plan your outfit the night before.

Recent research has shown that we’re only capable of making a certain amount of quality decisions per day, remove unimportant decisions like what outfit you should wear. Why else do you think Steve Jobs wore his signature black polo-neck & jeans every day? Planning meals for the week also helps.

Fujimoris Teahouse at Barbican Centre, London

3. A clear space, a clear mind

Did you go to The Japanese House exhibition at The Barbican? You’ll have noticed home interiors were very simple & uncluttered. Walking around the exhibition, it was hard not to feel zen. A clear space, a clear mind. helps you live better with less, for those of you who have a slight hoarding mentality.

4. Check in with yourself

When working, make sure you’re breathing from your diaphragm, not locking your jaw, lower your shoulders away from your ears. Checking in with these habits a few times a day will impact your overall stress levels and allow you to manage stressful situations in a more relaxed way.

5. Shut down notifications

Keeping your phone out of site (completely out of site, not just screen side down on your desk) can increase efficiency up to 10%. Dedicate half an hour of your morning to sift through your most urgent emails, and then close your email app. Close Whatsapp at the same time. This will allow you to work in blocks, prioritise tasks and complete them more efficiently.

6. Small, manageable changes

Instead of creating new years resolutions, I introduce small, manageable changes on a weekly or monthly basis. This allows you to re-evaluate what you need throughout the year.

Some of them become habits, others fall away (perhaps because you don’t need them anymore). This may be 5 minutes of meditation a day, one less night drinking every week, or one of the above efficiency tips.

These are all changes I’ve applied and found to genuinely have a positive impact on my overall zen-levels. Let us know how it goes!

This article is from Araminta Sheridan, who’ll be joining us tomorrow for our Instagram talk for brands.