So you want to launch a wellness company? Maybe you already have and want to learn how others have found it?

This article shares some of the lessons I have learnt since launching my fitness business – Innerfit, as well as other founders and friends who have been there and ‘got the t-shirt’.

My hope is that the insights in Parts 1 and 2 (there were too many lessons for just 1 article!) help you on your journey, wherever you are headed.

So, let’s get serious. What if you did actually start a wellness company?

This is the question I asked myself a few years back. But it didn’t stop there – “what if it fails?’,  ‘what if it succeeds?’, ‘what if I could change the world…?”

Since founding Innerfit in 2016, I’ve realised that owning a business means ultimate responsibility. I’ve realised that it means seeing both sides. I’ve realised that it means dichotomy.

That is why the lessons shared always come with an opposite; a counter of equal importance.

Lessons 1 & 2: It’s All about You – It’s All About Others

It’s all about you. Why do you want to launch a wellness business? You need to know. Your deep-rooted why will get you through the tough times; the 4am alarm, the self-doubt and questioning “why did I ever think this was a good idea?!”. If you pass that hurdle, also know that your own health must come first.

But then, how can a wellness business be all about you? You are, after all, in the business of helping people. It’s all about others! Look outward. Speak to those you want to serve, understand them and value them.

Since launching Po_ten_cy, Zoe King has juggled both sides, as she explains: “Self-care is imperative, but easy to forget”. Speaking about wellness business founders, Zoe adds “we will mostly do anything to get the job done, often to the detriment of our own health”.

In my experience, she’s right. Our industry is loaded of hard-workers, who also happen to be generous. That’s why it is worth looking for help. Zoe continues: “It really is about who you know; personal introductions or word of mouth. And always make sure you are giving something in return; it’s not a one-way street”.

And remember everyone is different. Personal Trainer Josh Ward explains that “all clients are individual. Some may require more support or authority, guidance with nutrition or mental health”. Business is all about people. Josh adds: “there’s always a story behind the person and their intention to do business with you, and the more you understand that, the better service you can deliver”. Good business is all about creating ‘win-wins’.

Lesson 3 & 4: Patience is a Virtue – Patience Will Kill You

Anyone can be busy. Succeeding in business means being busy on the right things. But how do you know when to be patient versus go ‘all in’?

Friend and founder of STTraining Sophie Tosone adds: “it is all about being persistent and patient. It takes consistent hard work over a long period to build momentum. Don’t give up at the first hurdle or be afraid of failure as long as you learn from it!”. Simone Venner, Yoga Instructor and Founder of The Yoga Menu, agrees: “self-worth plays a role in both personal and business development. Self-care and development is key, so I give myself permission to pause & take regular breaks before clarifying the next important steps for my business”.

But patience will kill you if you do not work hard to make things happen. Simone adds: “never take silence for an answer. Whether it’s a yes or a no, an answer is always needed to clarify your next business move”.

If you launch your own fitness business, it will be for you to find the right balance for you.   

So what now?

Reflect. How will you put yourself first whilst serving others? Will you smash through challenges each day and have the patience to play the ‘long game’?

If you’re still looking to launch a wellness business, then you might like what we have to share in Part 2. Stay tuned.