My name is Emma Tattersall and I founded Ladies-who-Launch in April 2017.

The wonderful Kate Campbell was a great help in the beginning, getting our Launch Pad in order and helping turn my chaotic system into something more ordered. She’s now focusing hard on finishing her studies at Edinburgh University so I’m back solo on the Launch Pad. It’s been hugely exciting to have Phoebe Muchmore join me as the #LWLBookclub editor this year.

Phoebe curates an amazing list of books each month and her reviews are as enjoyable as the books she is writing about. It’s great to have another person on board to bounce ideas around with and who is putting in so much energy and enthusiasm.

And lastly, but by no means least, all my amazing friends and family who help me to find new ladies for the Launch Pad, who promote our events and competitions, who guest write pieces for our Speaker’s Corner Blog and who help me to grow this platform in a meaningful way. I couldn’t do it without them.

Ladies-who-Launch was born because I found myself frustrated at the lack of visibility for contemporary female role models across multiple industries.

I had a burning desire to put a spotlight on the amazing things my female friends, colleagues, and mentors were doing and to share with the world their stories as a tool for inspiration.

I found myself asking, in the word’s of another Emma, “all I know is that I care about this problem. And I want to make it better… if not me, who? If not now, when?”

So after numerous hours on spent on YouTube trying to understand how to build a website, the platform was born. It has been an amazing journey over the last 12 months – full of turns I could never have imagined. I am so excited to see where LWL goes next.

I wanted to curate a set of questions that would encourage women to write honestly about their daily experiences.

Be that what motivates them, what frustrates them, what inspires them and what issues matter the most. The questionnaire is designed to be flexible and simply to be the backdrop against which women can share their own journey and story. We encourage our Launchers to make the questions suit the answers they want to give.

One of the questions on our Launch Pad is “what would you change about your daily work routine if you could?”

The most common answers are around people’s commutes and people being able to have more time to exercise.

Balance is so important in everything we do but the reality is for a lot of the amazing women on our site a split between work and life isn’t achievable at the moment as they put so much time and energy into working their ideas into realities. We also get lots of amazing women reaching out to us looking for a community and support network to bounce ideas around with – being a female founder can be a lonely and isolated experience for some people.

I hope that LWL helps with some of those struggles, whether that’s by providing some distraction for the dreaded commute, some motivation to turn the computer off and relax for some proper downtime or simply by enabling connections between the amazing women we are lucky enough to call our amazing community.

There is not one interview on our Launch Pad that I haven’t learnt something from.

I am so grateful to every single woman who has taken the time to answer our questions and submit a Launch Pad questionnaire. That is the real beauty of LWL for me – it doesn’t matter if you’re in the same industry, same age, same background, same country – we all share common threads of experience and we can all learn something from one another.

It is almost impossible for me to choose one interview over others.

Each story is so wonderfully unique and honest. Too often I hear, “I’m not interesting enough to be on the site but I just wanted to reach out” or “what I do isn’t special enough but what you’re doing is great”. Let me say this to you ladies once and for all – what you do is interesting and inspiring because of the way you do it. You are unique and your story is different to everybody else’s. What might seem mundane to you is awe inspiring for the next person. We need you and your story, please don’t undervalue your own importance – let us celebrate it.

If I absolutely had to choose though, I would say one of the interviews that has really stuck with me is by Syreeta Challinger from Moments of Sense and Style.

I was fortunately put in contact with Syreeta through a mutual friend and as I began to learn more about her stunning lifestyle brand, I became more and more humbled and inspired. Syreeta is wonderfully humble, approachable and genuine.

The MOSS collection is not only beautifully curated and conceptualised but it comes with an incredibly moving and inspiring story. Her story is a must read and her candles are an absolute must buy – No 3. Doddington on a Spring Morning in particular!

I would love to feature you all. For the last year, LWL has been a predominantly female space focused wholly on our Launch Pad.

I am so excited that we have launched our new blog complete with Speaker’s Corner. This area of the site will showcase the books we are reading, the events we attend and some wonderful opinion pieces from guest writers. I really wanted a place where we could open up the conversation to all genders and provide a platform to support the amazing individuals, female and male, who support us.

I take inspiration continuously from the community and I would encourage everyone reading this to download and fill in one of our questionnaires or send me a message and get involved.