If you have been browsing YouTube at any point, in the last few years, you must have come across Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee. The pair have been involved in documentaries and movies (which you can also find on Netflix), as well as their own YouTube channels.

Like most influencers, the duo decided to branch out with books and other products. Caspar Lee, for example, is an investor in the marketing startup Influencer, where he currently is chief innovation officer.

Despite the media headlines, it’s not too surprising then to hear that Joe and Caspar have left their management agency Gleam Futures, with whom they have been for over three years – as well being two of Gleam’s most well-known clients.

Is it time for micro-influencers to be the new focus in talent management?

“We’ve enjoyed our three years working with Gleam and we’re very thankful for their support and we wish them all the best. With the creator platform constantly evolving we have decided to fully immerse ourselves in a new business venture which will be announced in the coming weeks. We’re excited to share the next chapter in our careers”

(from We the Unicorns)

Whichever this new venture may be, it’s interesting to see big talents moving away from agencies such as Gleam Future (leader in the industry, also thanks to its impressing roster) to find their own unique ways to be key players in the influencer industry.

Would this result in new, younger talent being taken under the wing of managements as influencers turn into well rounded entrepreneurs?