Tanita de Ruijt is the Dutch native behind Jamu Kitchen, creating eclectic tonics with healing flavours, guided by traditional recipes handed down over generations.

The wellness entrepreneur’s new recipe book, Tonic, is a collection of restorative concoctions catering for all of our 21st century ills including Stress, Fatigue, Sickness and the dreaded Bloat.

We invited Tanita onto the HBC Magazine to find out how easy it really is to create your own tonics at home.

What would you recommend to someone who is just starting out making their own tonics?

First and foremost, a blender – it’s essential. Beyond that there is nothing that you can really do wrong. Just make sure to buy the best ingredients you can get, as your tonic can only be as good as them.

Where do you think tonics sits, when it comes to introducing them into our daily routine?

Tonics are drunk for their medicinal potential, which is different to green juices, which are great for their nutritional potential.

Tonics are perfect for those times when you are feeling a little off kilter.


The idea is to drink a tonic to tackle specific ailments, when you need them the most, as they support the bodily systems, like the immune or the digestive system.

Some of my recipes a lot of very potent herbs and spices and are therefore recommended in small dosages. It’s all about balance. I would recommend introducing herbs and spices into your meals everyday, and making/drinking tonics to address specific issues when they arise.

How have Londoners welcomed the idea of tonics?

With open arms. I was very nervous about introducing such a foreign concept.

What’s your favourite tonic recipe, and why?

Probably the Mexican Tepache Tonic. This recipe is made using pineapple rinds, unrefined sugar and spices. Fermenting these humble ingredients creates a refreshing probiotic soda like none other.

Seriously, how easy is it to DIY your own tonic?

So easy. Raid your kitchen cupboards. What have you got lying around? Some ginger, cinnamon? Perhaps some clove? If so – you’re basically ready to get cracking. Making tonic is super resourceful, and involves making herb and spice infusions.

What’s the secret of the Jamu Kitchen Tamarind Turmeric Tonic?

Fresh turmeric. It’s a lot more delicious and potent. The turmeric is blended to a fine paste to maximise surface area and combined with other herbs and spices while brewing to ensure maximum bioavailability.


How do you see tonics establishing themselves as staples in health and wellness in 2018?

 More and more people are starting to understand the value of herbs and spices, and are feeling more confident in using for more than just flavour. It’s making healthy exciting, and delicious again.


We are giving away a copy of Tanita’s book Tonic on our Instagram account. Head there now to find out more.