At the HBC we love working with brands, and we are always on the lookout for new exciting brands. 

During our research to find the hottest trends and coolest products, we come across up-and-coming brands and products we love that we just have to share with you. This edit is coming straight from our HBCxMeet event on Saturday.

Let’s take a look at what’s trending in the HBC Recommended Edit this week.

My Kit Fitness

 MyKit knows that gyms are not for everyone. So, they have come up with a home workout solution that works! Their unique home workout boxes combine handpicked exercise kit from carefully selected providers with access to tailored workout plans through our online chatbot so that you can work out when you want and how you want without leaving home. Plus, the MyKit box is both a piece of kit and storage for all your workout gear. You can get yours online through their website.

We are actively looking for the right bloggers and social media influencers to help market our product to the right audiences primarily through Instagram and Facebook. We’re happy to consider a paid partnership for the right type of offer/profile and on the right terms.

Use code LAUNCH10 at checkout for 10% discount off the box, including 3 months access to the MyKit chatbot.

Vega Essentials Nutritional Powder

We all know that a good protein shake goes a long way. With ingredients made from leafy greens and vegetables, Vega Essentials Nutritional Powder is packed with plant-based nutrition. Shake it into an on-the-go drink, blend through porridge or, bake it into your favourite batter. High in protein as made from a complete multisource plant-based blend of pea, flaxseed and hemp, as well as fibre and minerals.

Available from Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and

Don’t forget to share your Vega creations with @VegaTeam_UK!

Perkier Foods

PERK!ER’s Cacao & Cashew Quinoa bar is the perfect snack after that HIIT class you love to hate.

Each bar contains a whopping 5g protein per bar and is high in fibre too. PERK!ER’s cacao is cold pressed, so unlike cocoa, the cacao retains its vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. Perfect for a nutritious chocolate fix. #getyourperkyon

Lean Greens

Whilst the zen-like existence of the typical Instagram breakfast post is fantastic in theory, the reality is most people make do with a mug of coffee and a quick bite, in between getting to get ready, commute, and get to work in time. Lean Greens is designed to be the fast and easy way to fill your body with nutrients in 30 seconds, killing off bloating and giving you a natural boost of energy. Our full range is available on their website or Amazon.

We’re always looking for cool bloggers to share their experiences of Lean Greens products with their community. Contact us for details or come to us at the HBCxMEET event.

HBC10 for a 10% discount across our range.

Interested to learn more about these brands? Don’t forget to join us on Saturday.