What’s hot in health right now? Whether it’s the latest piece of fit tech, the best in natural beauty, or the next superfood snack on the block, we’ll give you everything you need to know about the latest products and brands in the health and wellness world. This week we have a super vegan protein powder, an organic argan oil, a sport elixir and a DIY water kefir set. Some of the brands you’ll find on our opportunity board, others are simply companies our detectives found online. Let’s take a look at what’s trending in the HBC Edit this week.

That Protein Happy Hemp & Baobab Super Proteinimage_grande

As you probably know from the HBC & That Protein Health Blog Awards, we are big fans of these guys here at HBC HQ. Not only are their proteins vegan, plant based and organic, but they are also coupled with superfood powders that provide an extra boost of energy. We love the baobab and hemp protein in particular – perfect if you’re in need of an immunity boosting shot of vitamin C or a natural energy enhancer.

Pick it up at: Buy online in the UK, Europe & worldwide or in store at Holland & Barrett

Perfect for… Giving yourself a rocket boost launch at breakfast time

Fushi Organic Argan Oil24695

Cold-pressed from the Argan nut that grows all the way over in the south west of Morocco, and picked by hand, the fresh raw kernels are cold pressed to produce light golden coloured oil. The Argan oil is responsibly imported directly from a women’s co- operative in Morocco, which aims to  sustainably support the Argan forest as well as to educate rural women on reforestation and sustainability. Pretty ethical, huh? So what can you use Argan oil for? Well, add it to your skincare routine, use it as a hair mask or even fry your veggies in it. It’s abundant in vitamin A and E which help to ward off free radicals. What’s not to love?

Pick it up at: Buy from Planet Organic, or online in the UK, EU, Canada & USA

Perfect for… Smoothing onto your skin to protect against wrinkles and fine lines.

Alchemy Sport Elixir14450002_655156801316581_5303879617357790356_n

We are very big fans of loading up with superfood powders post-workout, and even bigger fans of the powders that provide us with LOTS of energising goodies all at once. This Sport Elixir from Alchemy is an alkalising blend of vegan plant protein, moringa and wheatgrass combined with B vitamin rich lacuma and antioxidant rich acai. Bound to set you up for a super positive day ahead – hello productivity, goodbye Monday blues.

Pick it up at: Buy from Ocado & Planet Organic, or online in the UK

Perfect for… adding into your post training smoothie to help alkalise, repair and boost lean muscle.

Happy Kombucha DIY Water Kefir24700

Full of beneficial bacteria that gives your tummy the love it needs, this fermented probiotic drink is a great alternative to milk kefir and a versatile way of making sure your gut is a happy place. However, not all kefir is created equal. The kefir grains grown by Happy Kombucha are nurtured with love, attention and care, in certified organic sugar and a professional environment: they are not simply leftover grains. Get started with your own DIY water kefir kit, which gives you everything you need to start fermenting your own kefir from your kitchen.

Pick it up at: Buy from Planet Organic, or online in the UK

Perfect for… Replacing fizzy, carbonated kombucha