Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food, a life-saver in times of stress, a reliable source of consolation when life has let us down, and a mood-enhancer and romance-inducer in more positive circumstances.

But is it at all healthy?

If you base your whole diet on it, obviously not. However, chocolate (in all shapes and forms) is good for the soul – and has also been proven to have health benefits, and loads of research has been made on the matter.

Nevertheless, we promote you getting your hands dirty and really creating a connection with your food: this means more time spent in the kitchen, and yet more spoons to be licked!

We highlight here a few of our picks when it comes to simple recipes you can make at home for yourself – you can thank us later!

Talking about health benefits, Cassidy from Wellness Rookie  is offering a gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free recipe aimed at Paleo lovers.

Paleo Chocolate Mousse below


“Cacao is a Superfood that packs quite the nutritional punch. High levels of Magnesium and Calcium, a plant-based source of Iron, and plenty of antioxidants are what make this ingredient so healthy for us to eat on a daily basis.”

The Peanut Butter lovers out there must bookmark Peanut Butter & Jelly cups from The Plantiful Brunette.

Let’s talk about brownies


Our top pick is Tofu Diaries’ Beetroot Brownies: “Beetroot in sweet cakes and vegan beetroot brownies have been on my radar for a while, having been featured on many a food blog. I’d been itching to try it but not so much to blog about it; there doesn’t always seem the need to add another recipe into the mix. However, since I had some fresh beetroots in my fridge with no real plans for them the time was nigh to at least give vegan beetroot brownies a taste.”

More brownie inspiration via Hedi Hearts (with her chocolate glazed brownies) – and if you feel even more decadent, you can make your very own chocolate following Healthy & Psyched recipe for vegan Homemade Christmas Chocolate.

Autumn-inspired Chocolate Treats

Pumpkin and chocolate are a surprisingly tasty combination as pumpkin is naturally sweet, hence the popularity of pumpkin pie.

Meredith from Food at Heart explores this popular combination with her Halloween Kapow balls: “If you roast pumpkin it enhances the sweetness even more. It’s also really nice with any orange citrus fruit – maybe it’s something about the colour match that makes it work?”

Alternatively you can try Hannah & Fitness’ pumpkin and chocolate donuts.


Did you say cake?

Last but not least, Ginger Vegan’s guest post as this delicious Chocolate Chip Nice Cream cake.

“I made this one with oatcakes for the base so it isn’t fully raw but you could easily replace the oatcakes with the equivalent weight in nuts for a completely raw cake.”