We caught up with our ambassador and influencer Zoe from Aloha & Coffee ahead of her Birmingham meetup on November 25th.

I’m a qualified nutritionalist, yoga instructor, and world traveller based in Birmingham. Offering weekly live yoga classes throughout the Midlands, private one to one instruction & international wellbeing & lifestyle retreats.

I only tend to work with companies that fit into my daily life and lifestyle.

I have 4 children, teach yoga, co own a PR company an co own a coffee shop so my life is very varied and as such the content I create and brands I work with are very varied too!

At first the offer of free clothes, food and trips is a novelty. I said yes to everything then realised I had become nothing more than a brand mule.

Because of commitments the brands want in terms of content and posting all I was doing was promoting brands constantly, sometimes brands that didn’t really fit my ethos and brand message so I started to be more selective with who I worked with. Now I’m happy to test of try and product or brand and if it fits with me and my brand then discuss potential collaborations.

Credits: @alohaandcoffee

I thought by saying no I’d lose but it’s been the other way round and I now keep my integrity and am true to myself and brands prefer this as the output they get from me is genuine.

Yoga changed my life

I practice daily but when I mean practice daily sometimes it’s an hour long vinyasa flow and sometimes it’s 10 minutes in child’s pose.

Asana, the physical side of yoga is such a tiny part and introducing the other elements into my life such as breathing (pranayama) has changed it for me. It’s a habit that now comes naturally.

Yoga changed me, it took me from and anxious, stressed person to someone who was calm and more positive. I found an escape and a release on the mat and I knew I had to teach yoga to be able to share it with others. It was like magic!

Although I’m an inversion and strength junkie I love a good pigeon (Kapotasana). I read books in this pose and find it relaxing and comfortable!

Learn to negotiate

Sometimes a brand wants a whole heap from an influencer for very little return.

One springs to mind where a brand, in exchange for a bottle of health water wanted 3 social media posts, stories, blog posts et. It’s learning to pit forward your requests and ways of working without becoming a ‘diva’ and coming to a point that suits you both.

It also really frustrated me when people communicate solely by email! I’m a pick up the phone girl as it take half the time and nothing gets misconstrued.

Credits: @alohaandcoffee

I am a Flybery Woman (brand ambassador) and we are spreading a message to all women that everyone is a Flybery Woman!

There are so many cliques in the health and fitness industry where by if you don’t live in a certain place, lift a certain weight or look a certain way then you can’t be included. I’ve felt it living outside of London and we want to change that. Regardless of location, age, size, sport (or not!), race we are all one and all together! It’s such an important message that I’m so passionate about that it’s my favourite collaboration and I’m super proud to be involved.

Meet Zoe and check out our Birmingham meetup on November 25th.