The HBC Manifesto

The HBC is a membership, as well as an online educational platform aimed at bringing together wellness bloggers, influencers as well as wellness professionals wanting to make an impact in the online world. We support influencers and brands in a variety of ways aside from our membership, including our online magazine, our event calendar and online influencer marketplace.

Stopping the hustle culture once and for all

Here at the HBC we believe in the idea what we should be working smarter, not harder. From years of working endless hours, weekends and evenings, we decided to re-write the rule book. We knew we could achieve success and reclaim our day off at the same time.

Make a bigger impact with your message

Growing your audience is the first step to make a bigger impact – to us it all starts with our three-step formula for creators. Growing your audience and having a clear why are two essential steps to make a bigger impact with your story and content.

Monetise your content and expertise

We believe that hard work should be recognised and celebrated. This is why we support creators, bloggers and wellness professionals alike to monetise their content and knowledge online via our membership and our online courses.

Collaboration over competition

We believe there is enough space for everyone – so we truly believe that everyone should be celebrated. Accountability, support and collaboration are what makes the HBC different from all other communities out there. First and foremost, we are a family.

Make a positive impact on people and the planet

Making a positive impact goes beyond your neighbour. It’s time we come together to support the planet we live in and love.

Mindset and mental health at the forefront

Being in business and creating a business (may it be full time or a side hustle) is 80% mindset, that’s why we strongly believe in facilitating discussions and conversations about mental health, personal development and happiness overall. Happiness is not a destination, but the joy of getting closer to our overall potential.

Redefining wellness

Wellness is a holistic view of how we live and seek happiness and longevity. It goes beyond the food we eat and the number of HIIT classes we go to. We provide content that encourages you to redefine what health means by creating your own blueprint – always putting happiness first.

Meet the HBC team

Fab Giovanetti

Founder of the HBC, Fab has over 8 years of experience in marketing, content, PR and social media

Since founding the Health Bloggers Community she touched over 20,000 people (both online and offline) providing practical insights, inspiration, motivation and top-notch tools to save time, money, and truly make an impact in the health and wellness industry.

Samantha Couzens

Samantha is a blogger recipe developer and photographer

Samantha is a recipe developer, blogger and food photographer bringing happiness wherever she goes. Her aim is to promote happiness and healthiness to all with wholesome recipes and positivity. She is in charge of content, styling and recipe development, as well as event management and communication: “it’s a busy job and challenges me every day, but that’s why I love it”

Amy Lanza

Amy is a plant-based food blogger, recipe developer and content creator

She focuses on food, health and happiness to promote a nourishing lifestyle and regularly shares her positive vibes, inspirational affirmations and food creations on her social media channels and her website. She believes in being in tune with your body’s natural rhythm, to listen to its cravings and to treat each meal as a special occasion – to nourish you from the inside out.

Our sustainability pledge

Finding ways to cut back on waste

Helping make a difference

Collaborate with experts

Working Towards A More Sustainable Way Of Running Events

The HBC have made a pledge to develop a more sustainable attitude to event planning and host a minimal waste evening, starting with the 2019 Health Blog Awards ceremony. The team has worked with consultant Beth Noy, of Plastic Freedom, to reduce waste and plastic at the event, as well as working with charities to share any surplus.

The team will be also working closely with their sponsors to encourage ways to reduce waste and use of single plastic and packaging, particularly when it comes to gifting and goodie bags.

“We intend to create a blueprint which we can follow with all flagship events, including the annual HBC summit conferences across the UK” said founder Fab Giovanetti. “This event allows us to document the changes, implementations and learnings to take a more sustainable approach overall”

Health blog awards partners include

“We’re excited to partner with the Health Bloggers Community to support their sustainable pledge for this years Awards. At Karma, we’re passionate about reducing food waste and so it’s a pleasure to connect with likeminded organisations like HBC and spread this important message. With genius ideas in the works like a digital goodie bag, we’re excited to see what comes next!” 


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