Who are we

The HBC is a collective, as well as an online educational platform aimed at bringing together wellness creators as well as professionals wanting to make an impact in the online world. We support influencers and brands in a variety of ways aside from our membership, including our online magazine, our event calendar and online influencer marketplace.

Grow your audience online

Growing your audience is the first step to make a bigger impact – to us it all starts with our three-step formula for creators. Growing your audience and having a clear why are two essential steps to make a bigger impact with your story and content. We believe there is enough space for everyone. Accountability, support and collaboration are what makes the HBC different from all other communities out there.

Redefining wellness

Being in business and creating a business (may it be full time or a side hustle) is 80% mindset, that’s why we strongly believe in facilitating discussions and conversations about mental health, personal development and happiness overall. Happiness is not a destination, but the joy of getting closer to our overall potential.

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