We’ve partnered up with Biona for the HBC Bake Off, an organic and ethical product range believing in great tasting, natural, thoughtfully prepared food to complement an ethical lifestyle.

One of Biona’s best selling products is their Raw Virgin Coconut Oil, which is cold-pressed from the flesh of organic coconuts and has not been refined, bleached, deodorised or hydrogenated in any way. It is lightly fragrant but not overpowering, making it a lovely addition to cakes, bakes, stir-fries and sauces, as well as being a healthier alternative to margarine or butter on your morning toast.

But the benefits aren’t limited to the kitchen!

Biona coconut oil can be used externally to moisturise skin, remove makeup, applied as a hair mask and even used for oil pulling. So we wasted no time in asking our wonderful community to share their weird and wacky uses of coconut oil, ranging from an essential pre-race ritual to a doggie’s delight!

As skincare

“Before becoming a PT & Nutritionist I was a therapist at a 5* spa so am pretty keen on good skincare. I use pure coconut oil as body and face moisturiser, hair serum, on cuts and grazes on my kids and as a carrier to massage in essential oils to soothe muscles after a tough workout. I hate putting unnecessary chemicals on my skin and this works wonderfully.”

Pollyanna Hale – the Fit Mum Formula

Social: IG @pollyannahale  F @thefitmumformula T @FitMumFormula

As make up remover

“Ever since I started wearing makeup I never liked make up wipes, always preferring a warm face cloth and cleanser. My skin is quite sensitive and there are very few cleansers that 100% agree with me. Coconut oil is fab for taking off make up, especially heavy eye makeup. Warm it between your hands, massage the face and clean off with a steamy facecloth… aaaahh”

Amy Meegan – the Baking Nutritionist

Social: IG @thebakingnutritionist F @thebakingnutritionist

As healing ointment

“I find coconut oil to be the most effective treatment for healing any sign of diaper rash with my kiddos; as well as any scrapes and cuts. Coconut oil can most definitely be a magical healing ointment!”

Kristen Wood – Moon and Spoon and Yum

Social: IG @moon.and.spoon.and.yum F @moonandspoonandyum T @moonspoonyum

As a coffee boost

“I add a teaspoon of coconut oil in my coffee along with a cardamom seed. This made it so easy to switch from the milky coffee, I don’t miss the milk at all. The taste is divine.”

Delia Paula Ciora – Dels Wellness

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As a doggie treat

“My pooch absolutely LOVES coconut oil (and we like it for him for the silky coat it gives him). His fave is licking it from the spoon!”

Camilla Dempster

Social: IG @camilladempster F Camilla Dempster

As race prep

“I like to use coconut oil pre-race to prevent the dreaded mid-race thigh chafe…”

Emma Gill – Fruits and Routes

Social: IG @fruitsandroutes F Emma Gill

As conditioner

“I have been using coconut oil ever since I remember. In India, especially in south India, we are obsessed with coconut oil, from cooking to moisturising and I still use it every day. I even massaged my boy with pure coconut oil when he was a little baby. I have coconut oil in my hair as I write this too – it’s the best hair conditioner you can ever have! Apply on the scalp and gently massage for few minutes, then let it sit for half an hour (or even overnight). Then shampoo later. Glossy, shining hair guaranteed!”

Shilpa Raźniewska – Soulful and Healthy 

Social: IG @soulful_and_healthy F @soulfulandhealthy

As lip balm

“I love using coconut oil on my lips and cuticles. Ever since I went to a coconut oil making factory in Thailand I’ve been using it for everything!” 

Helene Trager Kusman – All The Verdure

Social: IG @alltheverdure F Helene Trager Kusman


To find out more about the Biona range, see their website