Since starting her blog in 2015, Romy has been proving that going vegan doesn’t mean you’re missing out on anything. Whether you’re in the healthy food mood or looking for some vegan comfort foods – there’s something for everyone on her blog. Romy herself decided to live the plantbased life in 2014 and has since been showing that balance is key and that everything is possible on a vegan diet.

My motto is: ‘Impossible? Impossible!’

Whether you’re after healthy recipe ideas, vegan comfort food, interested in vegan ethics & mindfulness or simply after finding out about the best vegan food spots around the city – my blog has you covered!
I’m super excited as I have actually just quit my job to go freelance fully – with my blog as well as content creator/photographer! I’m still in my fulltime job as Marketing Manager for a vegan & organic food brand until the end of September before I’ll fully get to embrace that freelance life.
The key is that I love what I do – so when I’m in the kitchen experimentig or brainstorming for new ideas, it doesn’t actually feel like work to me, but is something I truly enjoy.
Events and post deadlines are something that can of course put stress on myself, I generally try to finish everything rather sooner than later, so I don’t have to worry about deadlines in the back of my head. Listening to audio books, aromatherapy, meditation and yoga is what helps me unwind when it gets a little too much.
Looking back at it, it’s actually quite funny that I first setup my blog as a Tumblr feed!
I’m sure most blogs start like that – as a hobby rather than a career. For the first year I pretty much just snapped a quick phone photo of my creations and put it on Tumblr & Snapchat. It was only 2 years ago that I actually decided to ‘do it properly’ and set up a proper website.
There have been so many great moments since starting the blog and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it.
If I had to narrow it down to my highlights it would probably be doing a cookery demo at the Just V Show and also talking at the HBC Summit in May this year.
In 2017 I had a phase where I wasn’t quite sure where to take my blog or Instagram.
During that time I felt frustrated quite a bit and started experimenting a lot with the type of content I put up. I didn’t feel happy with it all and hadn’t quite figured out where I saw myself with the blog.
I think it was a mix of comparing myself to other blogs/Instagram accounts & over obsessing about numbers too much – and I’m glad that I got out of this creative rut and realised it makes me happiest to just do my own thing, no matter the numbers!

I love working with brands on the long term and it’s great to become friends with the people I work with.

My favourite campaigns this year have definitely been working with Tesco’s & Sainsbury’s this year, but also working with Vegan Nights to support and promote local vegan businesses.
My favourite gifts still involve getting to go to brand events, such as a Clearspring event I went to earlier this year. It’s always amazing to meet the people behind the brand and finding out more about their ethos.
The Clearspring event was absolutely amazing with plenty of delicious Japanese vegan food (my favourite!) and I also got to go home with a huge bag of Clearspring products, which was fantastic as I love the quality of all of them!

Quickfire questions

  • Favourite food? Anything vegan Japanese (without chilli though, I can’t take spice)
  • Favourite drink? Currently Old Mout Cider
  • Favourite recipe? Peanut Noodles – I’m absolutely obsessed (and the recipe is also on my website)
  • Best place to eat out? Tell Your Friends in Fulham
  • Top five Instagram accounts to follow? @littleluxuryfoods @kikismeals @thezestylime @julesvogel @sustainablyvegan
  • Iphone or camera? Camera
  • Type of camera? Canon EOS M3
  • Lightroom or VSCO? Neither! But if I had to choose then Lightroom
  • Favourite filter? None! *wink*
  • Favourite way to edit pics? Snapseed all the way.
  • What’s your top Instagram tip? Be yourself and do your thing without comparing yourself to other accounts