Zaggora is changing the conversation in health. One woman at a time.

We caught up with Dessi Bell, founder of wellness brand Zaggora to find out exactly how the brand has helped women all over the world to feel healthier and happier. If you want to find out more about working with Zaggora as a blogger, check out their opportunity here.

Zaggora is an award winning health and wellness brand. Over that last 5 years we have sold over 1 million products to customers around the world of our awesome clothing range, and we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of women feel healthier, happier and hotter. We are now entering the world of Health Foods with a product range that is delicious and focused on delivering healthy solutions that save time.

More than just our products, at Zaggora we believe in being healthy in every sense. We believe in empowering everyday superwomen, whether they are in the UK or on the other side for the world. That means looking after ourselves, celebrating our success and sharing the gains!

We get much more from giving than we give up.

Research has shown that generosity of mind and pocket helps us feel happier, more purposeful and more content in ourselves. We open our minds and become more playful and engaged.

This is a central belief we have at Zaggora. To us, being healthy is important so that we can be our best selves for our family, community and friends. Being giving is vital for the goodness of society and our own well-being. It gives us purpose and meaning. It means we put our money where our mouth is.

Pursuit of a generous mind is more important than ever; it’s something our society desperately needs.

Over the last few years, an obsession with ourselves has become acceptable, rising hand in hand with our increased use of social media. This has in turn powered our fascination with ‘clean eating’, and ‘gym going’; so much so that looking slim and healthy is now a status symbol. It suggests connotations of ‘dirtiness’ for those who choose to not ‘eat clean’ and provides feelings of superiority for those who do.

This conversation trivialises the importance of good health and the broader human existence: we are more than just a picture of our food or our bodies.

We strive to be our best selves so we can make the world better today than we found it yesterday, and leave it stronger for our children. That’s what Zaggora is all about.

Our mission
Our mission is to help women create healthier and better lives for themselves and their families. We do this by offering our customers solution-driven products to make it easy to stay healthy.

We offer science-based content on health, fitness and wellbeing. We give a donation from every order to help women in the developing world start a business and improve their lives. Our giving programme focuses on helping women find like-minded partners in starting a small business, so they can become more economically independent. We help groups of women to come together, undergo a 2 year programme of practical skills, and at the end, provide them with a grant to start a small business together. This helps them to gain an independent source of income, improve their standing in their communities and gain access to the banking system: many things that we take for granted in the western world.

There are 500 million illiterate women in the world today.

With every small micro grant, we help to close the literacy and income gap. There is a long way to go, but we are chiselling away, one woman at a time.

Our products
Our products are thoughtfully designed to fit around the life of the modern woman; to help her stay in shape and reach her goals easily. Our clothing range is clinically tested to increase calorie burn during exercise.

Our health foods range offers easy solutions to the needs of the working woman: reducing tiredness, getting more fruit and veg in her diet, supplementing vitamin needs depending on goals, or easily having a delicious and healthy breakfast or snack on the go.

Our products are delicious and genuinely good for you. Oh, and our smoothies taste amazing! We proudly make everything in the UK.

Our favourite is the Lean Protein Smoothie: A delicious vegan protein smoothie with fibre, pre- and probiotics, digestive enzymes, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidant rich superfoods and vitamins.

How does it help you?
Vegan protein: Research published on vegan vs meat eating diets suggests that a vegan diet is associated with lower BMI, lower risk of death and lower risk of bowel cancer. Protein also helps to keep you fuller for longer as it takes longer to digest.
Fibre: increased intake of dietary fibre helps to keep us healthy and protect us from colon cancer,
Pre & Pro-biotics: healthy bacteria and bacteria promoting fibres that help to move food through your gut.
Digestive enzymes: help with the breakdown of food into nutrients so our bodies can absorb them
Omega 3: Omega 3 fatty acids are important components of health, essential for keeping cells, joints and cognitive function healthy.
Antioxidant rich superfoods: help to combat free radicals to maintain youth & vitality
Vitamins B1, B6 and B12: help to combat tiredness and fatigue while Chromium regulates blood sugar levels

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