Next month the Health Bloggers Community will be hosting a January Supper Club in Dublin in partnership with Yoga Sound System. Tickets are selling fast for what’s set to be a perfect start to the new year in Ireland; you can find out more and get your tickets on our Events page.

In advance of the event we took a few moments to interview co-founder of Yoga Sound System Rachael O’Hegarty about her journey and what yoga means to her. Ready to get comfortable with the uncomfortable?

Tell us a bit about yourself. What’s your background and what brought you to start thinking about healthy living?

I did my undergrad in Cell and Molecular Biology, I taught science in the UAE for a few years and completed a post grad diploma in Event Management when I moved home. I’ve played sports for the most part of my life, from Basketball, Tennis, Hockey, GAA to Touch Rugby,  and would consider myself quite a sociable person. I am active, love the outdoors and fascinated by life.

It is in this past year that I have delved deeper into the meaning of ‘healthy’, working on becoming more mindful and socially conscious.

Rachael with Yoga Sound System co-founder Ronan Mahon

What inspired you to start Yoga Sound System? 

Yoga Sound System provides a space for people to grow, have fun, socialise and communicate.

I got into yoga just over a year ago and it has taken me on an incredible journey. I remember feeling intimidated going into yoga studios at first ‘cause everyone appeared to look like they knew what they were doing. I was also going along to events where one would imagine like-minded people would attend, however, at these and even after yoga classes I noticed people were reluctant to mingle.

I understand it is daunting to go up to someone you don’t know, however, once you get over the fear and do, possibilities can start to open up.

My 2016 new years resolution was to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and I’m still going with it!

Music is also a big part of Yoga Sound System. Music, a melody of sound vibrations, is a powerful thing. It can recall memories, stir emotion and create healing. I love music and when I teamed up with a DJ, we wanted to match the yoga to music, to allow the music help one through the more challenging poses.

I wanted to do something that would encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and try something new in an informal, fun, environment. At YSS people can expect events that cultivate well being and community through music, movement, and food.

What do you think are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga means something different to everyone. Each person does yoga for their own reasons and their own benefits.

For me yoga is an exploration of myself, body and mind. I started my journey about a year ago and it has taken me on an intensely beautiful path, one of meditation and spirituality. The benefits I reap from it are flexibility, healing, inner space and an exploration within. I am able to cope a little better on my off days (we all have them!) and have a clearer understanding of the art of acceptance.

What does healthy living mean to you?

For me, healthy living is about balance, acceptance and fulfillment. I believe our physical bodies are constantly working towards a ‘healthy’ state of homeostasis. So a healthy lifestyle is one that encourages this process. Get active, get curious, go explore and do things that make you smile, laugh and feel warm inside.

Step out of your comfort zone, get comfortable with the uncomfortable and say hi to someone new.

A recommended read: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie.

Who are your favourite bloggers / online personalities for healthy / yoga inspiration?

My top 5 are:

What are your aspirations for Yoga Sound System over the next few years?

I would love to see Yoga Sound System grow bigger with more regular events, bigger venues, spreading the positive vibes of community support encouraging people to step out of their comfort zone and say hi to someone new.

Why do you think Health Bloggers Community and Yoga Sound System will work well together on this supper club?

It’s THE perfect social recipe. Bringing health conscious individuals together with health conscious brands…over movement, music and food.


Rachael will be with us at the event on Friday 26th January at Good To Go in Dublin, get your tickets now to join us!