Pixie Turner aka Plantbased Pixie is a long-time friend of the HBC, previous judge at our Awards and panel host at the HBC Summit.

We were thrilled to hear Pixie was releasing a book and asked her a few questions about how it came about, what we can expect when we get our hands on it and her top tips if you’d love a book deal yourself. 

What inspired you to write it and who is the book aimed at?

Writing a book was something I really wanted but didn’t really spoke about out loud as I thought it would never happen! I’ve made it my mission to fight nutrition misinformation online, and writing a book was a way to get that message to more people!

The book is aimed at anyone who has fallen for any nutribollocks online, or who feels a bit weird around food, which is a lot of people!

What are we going to find in the book? 

The book is primarily science and mythbusting, but after every mythbusting chapter there are a series of recipes to help put your new knowledge into practice and enjoy food.

How did you make sure you kept yourself accountable whilst writing the book? You must have had a lot going on at once while finishing your qualifications.  

I started writing the book just after I finished my masters, so I was able to dedicate plenty of time to writing it. I also created a giant A3 monthly calendar and attached post-it notes with mini-targets and grouped recipes together to make food shopping easier.

How did you find the right agent?

I was lucky that I was approached by several agents while I was studying. Most of them simply asked ‘Hey would you like to write a book?’ and only one really showed that they had taken the time to understand who I am and what I wanted to achieve. It was an obvious choice from there. My publisher is also perfect for me as they hadn’t published anything ‘wellness’ before!

What was the most challenging aspect about writing a book?

The isolation! So many days spent at my laptop barely seeing anyone. And the frustration when you know what you want to say but just can’t find the right words. But it was all worth it!

How have you used social media to spread the word about your book and your message?

When it was getting close to publication day I made sure to mention the book regularly on social media, especially on Instagram – the swipe up tool on stories is so useful! I also did a pre-order competition to encourage people too.

What would you tell someone thinking about writing their own book?

Have a really solid idea of what you want to write about and be realistic with yourself as to whether it’s feasible. So many chapter ideas of mine had to be dropped because I just didn’t have enough to say. Also find yourself a really good agent who understands what you’re trying to achieve, and who really supports your idea.


The Wellness Rebel by Plantbased Pixie is available to buy now.