One of the reasons why I decided to become a boss lady was the fact that I could work wherever I wanted and at my own terms – and of course being location independent is a great perk.

However, it’s easy to forget the first rule about being location independent. You gotta be organised.

Whether you’re dreaming of working in Paris and eating all the cheese and drinking all the wine, or sending very annoying sausage leg shots in Bali to all your friends on Facebook, having the right tools will make it easier for any digital nomad to find their way home.

I have a few tools I used on the go with my iPhone in order to keep my sanity. If that is possible with me anyway.


Call it the Mighty Evernote. I talked about Evernote before in my post “writing more or less time”. However, I have to say that Evernote is great for so many reasons: you can draft blog posts, create project outlines, record audios and collect them in different folders.

If, like yours Truly, you come up with ground-breaking ideas walking on the street, or maybe right after your morning shower, Evernote is a handy companion that syncs with your laptop.

Google Apps. Especially Drive and Docs.

I have to be honest I’ve been “writing” this post using dictation on Google docs and  it appears I will definitely have to edit most of it  -I wish you could see what it came up with.  I am actually going to take a picture of it because the words “sausage” and “egg” appeared far too many times.

Despite this minor setback, Google docs and great to me especially if you’re working on content with other people and you want to share content that does not require further editing or design – in that case I’ll just use Pages.


File sharing is sexy – just in case you did not read the latest news. Nowadays iPhones allow you to share a greater variety of files. Pictures are probably the most common files you will share or synchronise from your phone. With Dropbox you make sure you don’t lose them – and you can get back to them them once you’re back on your laptop.


Quip is probably on the top list of my favourite things in this very moment.  It’s that sort of relationship where you are like “man, where have you been all of my life?”

Quip allows me to chat with my team 24/7.  As we all work remotely most of the time, we have to be on the ball as much as possible – especially when we’re not working in the same timezone.

Now, that is a challenge right there.

You can create and edit documents, comment on them, mention people, have chat rooms and individual chats. An important note that I would like to add quid also has emojis.

Quip is great because it facilitates a constant conversation even when on the go, reducing the amount of tools and systems you may end up needing to be on top of. Once again, welcome to the toolbox queen.

Feedly + Pocket

Feedly is mother of all RSS. I’ve been using it for a long while and I deeply love it as it allows me to be always in the loop with what’s going on in the world . Its mobile interface is very easy to understand, and it allows me to easily save articles I find interesting and I want to use later.  I pair Feedly with Pocket, which is another app that is both available for laptop and your phone. Pocket is another handy ‘Save it for Later’ app that saves and collects relevant content for you.

It’s essential for our team to meet and work together, however, we also believe in the importance of being flexible on our location.

My phone is not just a tool that I use to explore my Instagram feed or share GIFs on WhatsApp, it is also a very important business tool that works as a VA when I am on the go.