Today we caught up with Camille from @camillelolafit and Lois from @loislavinia to discuss routines, training and overall balance as busy fitness influencers.

Camille, which you can see just above, is a French lady who moved to UK to work for a great Fitness company. Passionate about fitness, she loves to share knowledge with people around her:

“If I could describe myself in 3 words: Determined, Energetic and Caring!”

Credits: @loislavinia

Lois Lavinia is a 21-year-old personal trainer, online coach and bikini athlete. She loves learning about business and self-development as well as weight training.

Balancing content creation with a 6-day a week workout schedule with Camille

Credits: @camillelolafit

One of the biggest misconception for me is women being scared of getting too big when lifting weight! Girls need to understand that our metabolism is really different from men and that naturally, you will never be as big as a man.

So get on that squat rack!

My training regime is pretty intense as I’m working out 6 days a week.

I get up in the morning at 5.50 and go to the gym for 1 hour. I split my workouts by muscle group and add a lot of stretching. I’m also currently trying a lot of calisthenic moves!

I get up every morning at 5.50 prepare my shakes for the morning and go to the gym.

I work out for about 1 hour (usually broken down into split muscle groups and gymnastics stretching at the end).

I go to work, where I have one shake at 9am, another one at 11am, my lunch at 1.30pm (rice, chicken and vegetable most of the time). In the afternoon, I often have some almonds or a fruit.

I’m a content manager, so I spend my entire week on multiple blogs and content creation campaigns (international ones too), this includes applying strategy, new types of content, videos etc.

Sometimes I’m not in the mood of writing for my own blog, but it helps me relax!

However, my job helps me a lot, as I work daily with an SEO team, which is very very good for my own blog improvement!

I come home around 7pm and go for a quick walk or run (when I’m not too exhausted). Then I prepare my meal for the night and for the next day of work. I’m also a big fan of stretching a lot, so in front of my favourite tv show, I would spend 10 minutes stretching!

I go to bed very early as resting is so important for muscle growth and happiness!

From cardio bunny to bikini competitor with Lois Crouch

Credits: @loislavinia

I started off my fitness journey as a bit of a cardio bunny.

I went to the gym just to run on a treadmill because I was too scared I would use all of the equipment in the wrong way and break something. I completed two half marathons and a few 5k/10k runs, all with pretty average times. I’m a competitive person and being asthmatic meant I found improving running fairly difficult.

I started talking to a few people at the gym and begun training with weight. I loved how strong I felt and seeing improvements with both my physical and mental health was a bonus!

After helping friends and family with their fitness journeys, I decided I wanted to progress a career in the fitness industry and this is when I completed my Personal Training qualification and created ‘Coached By Crouch’.

I love the feeling of helping people on their fitness journeys and seeing their confidence blossom throughout my tailored coaching!

I am currently 4 months into my offseason, so I am currently weight training around 5-6 times a week with a split of Push, Pull, Legs.

I like lifting heavy weights and love the challenge of improving every single week. I start my prep for next season in January, this is when cardio will be manipulated when needed.

At the moment, life is very mad work-wise!

I work 9-5 Monday – Friday in an office job, 24 hours a week a Fitness Advisor at Bannatyne and manage my own Business, Coached by Crouch.

My busiest day looks a little bit like this; 5am wake up, immediately accompanied by a black coffee. Straight to the gym for training until around 7:30, get ready then drive to work 16 miles away.

Once I have finished my 9-5, I drive directly do Bannatyne where I work until 10:30pm. As I said, this is my most intense day.

I love training in the evening as I feel a lot stronger at this time. I’m very work orientated and will always make ‘Coached By Crouch’ my number one priority.

The biggest lesson I learnt so far

Camille: “One of my biggest lessons how important creating a good relationship with other bloggers is! I completely missed this because I started my blog in French and decided not long ago to changed it to English (as I moved here). It made more sense to create a network with English bloggers.”

Lois: “It is very hard to sometimes fit everything into a 24-hour window, however I love documenting my life online and sharing all the highs and lows of my journey. I find that the people who follow me, just enjoy following the journey I am. They like seeing the progression of ‘Coached By Crouch’ and seeing all the details of training and prepping for shows. I think it’s important not to lose your head over anything and you should only do something if you enjoy it. I’m very regimented and love structure, so I feel like I’m in a really good routine of when and how I fit everything in.”

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