“If you truly put your heart into what you believe in even if it makes you vulnerable, amazing things can and will happen” – Emma Watson

We all aim for success.

It seems like one of the most valued aspects of life. Whether it be in work, relationships, or personal developments we seek to achieve to the highest levels, to be the ultimate being we can be.

But whose standards are you basing your success on?

In such a modernised western world, we are bombarded with information and updates on how others see success and how they can achieve it. You enter into a vicious cycle of self-doubt and comparison, which inevitably decreases your ability to see what you are actually capable of.

Nothing or nobody could ever give you that ticket to succeeding at what you really hope for.

It can only ever be given to you from yourself. It is you who validates your ticket to success.

Here are some practical tips on how to be the ticket to your own success:

Adapt Your Focus

Take a look closer to home. Really get to know what drives you; what fills you with passion, energy and purpose. This is the path you should take, as there is a natural desire inbuilt to make your mark through that pursuit. Avoid the ideals that you feel around you, and focus on your own values, beliefs and dreams. Everything begins with the unison of heart and mind.

Dare to dream and visualise it – see it, feel it and thrive off that energy.

Plan the Journey

Making your dreams reality is a journey and one that requires direction. Think about each step that needs to be taken, and break it down into manageable parts. Involve people in your planning who can support, guide and encourage you along the way, as this will create a positive environment in which you can thrive when things go slightly off course.

Accept the Highs and Lows

To avoid heading towards the blinding darkness of disappointment when you hit a bump in the road, remind yourself that these moments are amongst the greatest lessons you will learn in the process. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable, as this is where you truly learn your strength and ability to overcome what seems inevitable at the time.

Give it Time

We all want to rush to the end result, but it’s the journey towards the dream that makes it valuable and worthwhile. Take care of yourself by reducing any added pressure, strain or stress that can be avoided. In particular, try to avoid inflicting pressure to succeed quicker than you are; set your own standards by what you are capable of.

Embrace every moment for what it is and enjoy them as they are forming your future.

Look in One Direction

Keep you eyes directly on your own path. If you become engrossed in the uncontrollable aspects of your life, it will adversely affect the things you do have control over. There is no one better to lead the way than you; after all this is your passion, your dream and, one day, your reality.

Remember success it not deemed by fame, fortune, aesthetics, or property. It is deemed by the love, happiness and worth that the life you lead brings you.