We caught up with the team at Mailpoet to get some advice on why having a newsletter is so important as a blogger.

Why, in your opinion, is it so important for a blogger to have a newsletter?

In one sentence: email converts better than any other medium. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are good for publishing content and meeting others in your industry, but at the end of the day, email has the highest user engagement. People always check their email – they don’t always check your Facebook page.

How does a newsletter connect with marketing?

As I mentioned above, email is the single best marketing online channel – it just plain works. With an email newsletter, you get straight into your readers’ inboxes, whereas with social media, your readers may not even see your post.

What are the 3 first steps for someone who is completely new to newsletters?

  1. Figure out what your newsletter content strategy is. Do you want to send all of your blog’s content? Just the best posts? Or a mix of the two?
  2. Set up a newsletter to send your content to your subscribers. I generally recommend starting with a once-per-week newsletter. It’s often enough to stay fresh, but isn’t too often to annoy your subscribers.
  3. Put an email form on your website, preferably in at least two places: 1) at the end of your posts and 2) a delayed popup on all of your website’s pages. Don’t have your popup form appear immediately, though! The key word is delayed.

What should a newsletter include, in order to be beneficial to bloggers?

It all comes down to good content. Your newsletter should present your content well and entice readers to click on links and explore your site more. Fancy images or animated GIFs aren’t as important as actionable information.

How often would you send a newsletter to your readers?

Once per week is a good start. If you have a lot of content, twice per week is okay, too. Definitely don’t send more than twice per week, unless your content is time-sensitive.

Why are Welcome Emails so important?

Welcome Emails are critical, as they’re the first time your subscribers hear from you. If your Welcome Email is too long, too generic or boring, or just plain bad, your subscribers probably won’t be very excited to hear from you again in the future.

Why are signup forms so important, and what should people bear in mind when creating one?

Signup forms are the first “barrier” to joining your list, so you should keep them as simple as possible. Try not to have more than a few list options.

What’s the benefit of setting up automatic newsletters?

With automatic newsletters, you can set up email campaigns and courses that run automatically. They allow you to “set it and forget it” while you focus on making quality content.

What are the most important metrics bloggers should look for when it comes to newsletter reports?

Opens and clicks.

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MailPoet is a WordPress plugin that lets you send email newsletters to your subscribers. Everything is done within WordPress, so you can manage your blog posts and email newsletters without ever leaving your website.

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