We’re always looking for the next best thing to boost our brand or business and are constantly striving for success. But when does dedication become destructive? Where do we draw the line?

Sarah Leanne Rose of The Growing Butterfly shares her struggles with #ReclaimYourDayOff and encourages us to prioritise ourselves.

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Over the years I have fallen in love with blogging and recently I’ve been wanting to turn it into something more meaningful and worthwhile.

There have been more times than I care to mention when I have become consumed by pressure to be the ‘perfect blogger’; the long days and nights spent creating content to go out every day of the week.

The constant daily promotions sharing your latest posts day in and day out. The drive to travel to wonderful locations for stunning photographs for the gram. The need to engage with others online through comments, likes and shares. The pressure to share your every moment on your feed. 

Making your mark in the blogging/influencer industry is tough. There is no doubt about it. There is a lot of hard work, time and energy that goes into every bit of developing your concept.

However, as admirable as this dedication is, it will eventually wear you down when you stop putting yourself as a priority.

Most of us will struggle with taking time off because we fear failure. We fear that if we don’t give it all we’ve got we won’t be successful, liked, accepted or loved.

I had a huge realisation late last year that I couldn’t continue to look at my world through just one lens. My eyes were opened to seeing how vital it is to reclaim my days off. I needed to invest in myself and my personal life in order to grow my future into something greater than I had been dreaming of before.

The bottom line is, we all need to care of ourselves by reclaiming back our own time.

Self-care is the doing the things that uplift you, that make you feel comfortable and content. They are the things that help you to recharge and allow you to grow as a person, creating space for you to simply be in the moment.

No matter where we’re at with our goals or ambitions, practising self-care has a vital role in gaining as much enjoyment from the journey as possible.

So the next time you hesitate to slot in some time for yourself, or think about cancelling plans ask yourself this question:

How will this impact my wellbeing?

The online community will always be there, but self-confidence and self-belief needs to be looked after.

Make it a priority above all else.