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Today we want to introduce you to an awesome new supplement company, specifically designed to help women reach their performance goals in the gym: IdealFit.

IdealFit was born out of IdealShape: a company with a dream of helping one million people from all over the world change their lives by losing weight and reaching their ‘ideal shape’. With the attitude of ‘it’s a lifestyle change, not a diet’, IdealShape offers meal replacement shakes, low calorie snack bars and supplements to people who drastically need to cut their calorie intake.

For those who were already happy with their shape and just wanted to enhance their performance in the gym, they created IdealFit.

With the majority of their clients being women, IdealShape realised that there was a big hole in the supplement industry for women. The majority of proteins, pre-workouts, and other supplements have been made to cater primarily for a man’s body. They saw an opportunity, and in September 2015, they launched the IdealFit brand, made specifically for women. IdealFit prides themselves on creating ‘clean’ protein and pre-workouts that provide high energy, focus and no-jitters – just the good stuff needed to enhance a woman’s performance in the gym – but with less calories, fats and carbs than most pre-workout powders.

Why do women need different supplements than men?

Contrary to popular beliefs, women and men need the same types of protein, but due to their physical differences, women need less of it. The IdealLean range is specifically designed for women as it addresses their other nutritional needs. For example, many women are deficient in Vitamin D, Folic Acid and Calcium, so the products contain these essential nutrients to give women the natural boost they need. Folic acid supports healthy nail and hair growth; calcium reduces the risk of osteoporosis; and vitamin D is essential for the healthy growth of bones and teeth.


IdealFit works with expert fitness trainer, Lindsey Mathews to develop and grow their nutrition and fitness programmes. As well as being an IdealShape and IdealFit Trainer & Nutritionist, Lindsey is a CISSN Nutritionist, NCSA trainer, fitness model, NPC national figure athlete, wife and mother of three. Lindsey has used her expert knowledge and personal experience of nutrition and training to develop and grow the IdealFit programmes to help users reach their ultimate fitness and mental goals.

As part of this, she has helped developed the IdealLean Protein line, specifically designed for women. The range comes without the added sugars, calories and stabilisers found in most protein powders, and packs an impressive 20g of whey protein isolate in each serving.

What is whey protein isolate?

Whey protein isolate is the purest form of whey protein, and a complete protein. This means it’s a great source of protein for vegetarians who don’t get their complete protein from meat!

There are four tempting flavours to choose from: Chocolate Brownie, French Vanilla, Cake Batter and Piña Colada, so no two protein shakes have to taste the same. Also in the range is an IdealFit Proprietary Recovery Blend, containing the protein building amino acid, L-Glutamine, as well as stacks of super fruits: the perfect way to aid your body’s recovery after training.

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