As someone with an interest in health and wellbeing, you’ve probably noticed an upsurge in conversations about spiritualism, spiritual wellness, divine femininity and alternative healing practices. You may also have wondered if spiritual wellness is something you need to be practising, so here’s a bit of a breakdown.

Where’s the sudden increase in people talking about this coming from?

In short, social media is where the seemingly sudden increase is coming from. But that isn’t the full story. Spiritual wellness and the practices wrapped up in the term have been around for a really long time. Only, previously, they would have been defined as witch-y or New Age or hippy.

Now the same healing practices and holistic approach has been given a modern day make over and new air of credibility.

But why has spiritual wellness gone through this “rebrand”?

Perhaps the increased focus on physical wellness over the last few years meant that the rise in spiritual wellness was inevitable: from clean eating to mindfulness to spiritual wellness, there’s a clear trajectory towards a more holistic approach to wellness.

So, if we go a few steps back, what started this chain reaction and led more people to explore spiritual wellness? It probably all stems from a growing awareness of and dissatisfaction with established norms.

More people, especially women, have had increasing dis-ease in their bodies, our political landscape has become a growing source of frustration and outrage and the plight of our planet has never been more apparent.

As more people seek an alternative to all this and strive for a more conscious life, spiritual wellness is likely to come into play.

So, what is spiritual wellness?

Well, if you take social media too much to heart, it may seem like spiritual wellness is crystals, tarot cards, reiki with a little bit of “divine femininity” and astrology thrown in.

Coming off the back of the rise in other forms of wellness and being promoted by high profile social influencers, it’s possible that the growth in spiritual wellness may be misappropriated by those looking to profit from the latest trend in wellness.

Because the reality is, if we’re not careful, we can get into the mindset that in order to be spiritually well, we need to have beautiful oracle cards, a collection of crystals and our own dedicated reiki healer.

Essentially, as with any other wellness trend, we need to keep in mind that these objects are only supposed to be used as tools to help us focus: the spiritual wellness does not come from a thing itself, the whole point is that it is WITHIN US already.

You are not “failing at” spiritual wellness if you can’t get on board with everything your favourite guru says about it: take what you need and leave the rest.

So, if the idea of “New Moon manifesting” makes real sense to you and your life, go for it; and if having crystals with you while you meditate gives you something beautiful that makes you feel connected to the earth to focus on, then great, but if these things don’t feel right for you that’s totally fine.

Your “spirit”, however you define it, is unique to you and what makes you feel connected to, and like you are nurturing, that spirit is entirely up to you.