After part one of the workplace wellbeing series, titled Why These Three Companies are Leading the Way in Workplace Wellbeing, resident PT Chris Pinner is back with part two! This week he shares three further leaders in the field and a discussion as to why workplace wellbeing is so important. 



A creative and recruitment company, Wiser’s wellbeing offer helped them rank #2 in The Sunday Times Best Small Company List, securing a 3 star accreditation.


  • Quarterly socials (summer party, awards, Ascot, Christmas party)
  • Events & one-offs (e.g. wellness week, royal wedding party, yoga, park sports)
  • Goodies & giveaways (e.g. exclusive discounts, perkbox membership, smoothie bar)
  • Educational sessions (e.g. sleep, nutrition, mindfulness, monthly talks from successful business people called ‘Wiser Stories’)
  • Discounted gym memberships
  • Daily breakfast; a full range of healthy and fun options
  • Onboarding; welcome boxes, training, introduction to the Wiser mindset
  • Other (e.g. wellness gift-boxes, happiness suggestion box)


Wiser have built a powerful wellbeing offer with a personal touch (and without breaking the bank). Ideas are sourced from everyone at the company by making use of a ‘happiness suggestion box’ and company Whatsapp group.

Harriet Walsh (Marketing & Happiness Associate) then works with the People team to bring it all together. As Harriet explains:

“Wellbeing at Wiser really is a team effort, stemming from a constant flow of ideas from the company. Everyone feels that wellbeing is at the heart of what Wiser does for them.”

Better still, some of the most personal and powerful touches don’t need much planning or budget, Harriet says: “It’s a simple touch and easy to execute, but things like sending a wellness box when people are off sick is so powerful. A colleague was once off with tonsillitis, so we sent them some ice-cream – so simple but shows we care”.

That personal touch flows through into Wiser’s bigger activities. “Our Wellness Week was a big highlight and had something for everyone” says Harriet. “Activities ran from ‘Mindfulness Monday’ to a ‘Sweet Dreams Friday’. We hosted physical activities such as an Eric Prydz-themed workout and rounders, had talks from a sleep coach, a nutritionist and a psychologist”. Wellbeing at Wiser also goes above and beyond the core team. Wiser’s newest initiative, ‘Random Acts of Wiser’ focuses on giving back. A big focus going forward, each ‘act’ is centered around how big an impact it can make on someone’s life.

WeWork (Spitalfields)


WeWork is a collection of co-working spaces housing start-ups and small businesses. Their Spitalfields site has more than 1,000 members and is one of over 15 WeWork locations in London. They aim to create a healthy and collaborative environment to increase productivity and innovation among all members.


  • Classes (e.g. massage, fitness)
  • Environment (e.g. table tennis)
  • Giveaways (e.g. healthy snack pop-ups, Thursday drinks)
  • Lunch & learns workshops
  • Off-site events & festivals (e.g. Summer Camp)
  • 1-1 drop-in sessions


As Kate Chesterfield (Community Lead, Spitalfields) explains:

“Our team of 5 Community Managers at Spitalfields genuinely care about all of our 1,000+ members. We talk to them and build a personal relationship”.

That relationship helps foster an amazing culture: “posters and the member network tell members what’s on offer but speaking in person is the important bit. An example of that is Wellness Wednesdays. We supported Chris with building a fitness community within Spitalfields and now 6 months from when we started, class numbers for our weekly HIIT fitness sessions consistently reach 15+ members and get great feedback”.

Members know they can trust the WeWork Community Managers. Yes, they’re lucky to have budget for big events, but it’s the 1-1 conversations over coffee or at the front desk which count.



Jobbio is a hiring platform that enables talent and companies to connect directly with each other by making it easy to find and apply for jobs. Their team of 80 work across London, Dublin and New York to bring employers and employees together.


  • Classes (e.g. fitness, yoga)
  • Giveaways (e.g. water bottles on desk)
  • New joiner inductions
  • Off-site events


Jobbio are uniquely placed to understand what works when it comes to well-being. Their team is adaptive and empowered act on a lot of the positive drivers which they found make people truly happy at work in the Jobbio WorkHappy Index 2018. As Aoife Geary (Content Editor) explains:

“We’re passionate about creating a culture that fosters the personal and professional development of employees and encourages healthy working practices. We understand the value of work-life balance and the importance of a supportive team”

Jobbio structure their wellness initiatives to offer a full week of well-being:

  • Meditation Mondays – good for focusing attention, relaxing and reducing stress and anxiety
  • Yoga Tuesdays – helps improve mobility and mindfulness
  • HIIT Monday and Wednesday – encourages an active lifestyle
  • Thursday Tag – social sport, exercise and bonding between colleagues
  • Friday Fresh fruit deliveries – encourages people to eat healthily in the workplace

And they know what they’re talking about, having created the Work Happy Index to discover what motivates today’s workforce and what companies can do to keep their teams happy and engaged in their roles.

So what?

AON’s Benefits and Trends Survey 2018 finds that more than 50% of employers have, or intend to have, a specific well-being budget. Leaders set that budget long ago and have since realised discounted gym membership and yoga won’t cut it.

What they offer varies significantly but invariably links back to the unique needs of their team. How they invest and deliver invariably follows our A-B-C of workplace well-being. Leaders make Appropriate interventions, based on the Belief they can massively improve the well-being of their team and back it up with Consistent action.

What next?

If you are thinking about well-being in your workplace, take inspiration from the ideas shared in this article and try applying some of the frameworks shared. Maybe your workplace will be the next to lead the way…

If you think your company should be added to this to help others learn from what you do then please get in touch. We have inevitably missed off some great workplaces (Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Google, Mercer to name a few). Equally, smaller players in The Sunday Times Top 100 Companies to Work For or Vitality’s Healthiest Workplaces list are well worth a look.

Likewise, if you would like to chat about workplace well-being then email us at


For more from Chris, see the Innerfit website. Part one of the Workplace Wellbeing series can be read here