It’s an exciting time to be a Wellness Blogger. Health and wellness blogs are extremely popular right now and there is room for all of us with the niches we are creating.

But with so much demand for daily content, are we putting our own health at the bottom of our priority list?


As an Author, Health Coach and Food Addiction Counselor, I have a lot going on. I have a daily blog, I make a 3-5 minute VLOG with 75% of the same content and condensed version of the blog for Instagram. When this is done, I start my work day. I have calls to return, I am working on a pitch of a series of 7 articles to a major online magazine which is taking weeks, I am trying to organize dates with a local photographer. I still haven’t eaten lunch and it is 2:30pm. Do your days go like this? Mine used to.

Take away all of my perceived perks in Wellness, with travelling to conferences in beautiful places to free workout clothes, I am running a home based business. I speak to people all day on the phone or over the computer, but I do not have work friends like I did back when I was employed in Manhattan. There were great friendships, a social network and structure. Three things I do not currently receive, even when my cat wanders into my home office.

If you are going directly from a traditional employment situation to being a full time blogger, you might have had a fantasy of working in your yoga pants.

Six months into it, your yoga pants might not fit like once did. Did you turn to cookies when your guest submissions were not being published automatically? Perhaps the camaraderie of the office running club kept you motivated to do the fun run last Spring, but now your running shoes are collecting dust.


Plan plan plan

Planning weeks in advance has helped tremendously with the daily chaos that was once my life. My social media content is done at once, to make daily life less stressful. March was National Nutrition Week in the United States and I devoted a week to carbohydrates alone. I wrote the content, then split it up into daily segments, same with the VLOGS.


Work that schedule

I schedule lunch in my calendar or else it will not happen. I eliminate as many distractions as possible when I am working, that means my cell phone is off as is my computer’s Wi-Fi as I write this article. I have a strict start and stop work time. I devote thirty minutes at night once my kids are in bed to review and give feedback to clients food journals. Everything else can usually wait.


The traditional workplace template had been working for you, so there will be adjustment period to the new model.


Keep up the connections

Be mindful of keeping up your old work friendships, how about organizing a meet up at the 7:30pm Hot Yoga class on Friday nights? Join a local business association or a virtual one. There are so many online, I am a big fan of the Health Bloggers Community. When you are travelling, be sure to take advantage of virtual classes or use the hotel gym so your fitness doesn’t suffer.


When our yoga pants refuse to fit the same way they once did, we need to take an honest look at what has been going on. Did you eat out of frustration and loneliness? Just because you are no longer a part of a traditional workplace, doesn’t mean you can’t join a running club or a workout challenge group online to keep you motivated to exercise.

 So many of us feel so strongly about being a Wellness Blogger we have made it our full-time job. We need to remember to not forget about our own health while we get the message out.