What we’re loving this week…

The festive season is here! Yippee! Bring on the Christmas jumpers and mince pies, we say. Whilst we all love indulging at Christmas, we’re often left feeling a little worse for wear come January, contemplating going into hibernation for the rest of the year. Here are our favourite indulgent but healthy festive treats that have been shared on the platform this week.

Carrot Cake and Cranberry Bites, The Eight Hours

I am a BIG fan of energy balls. These carrot cake and cranberry bites are a great on-the-go snack and they give you such an energising boost- perfect for combating the afternoon slump! The flavour combination of carrot, cranberries and nutmeg is literally Christmas personified (yum!) and the coconut finish even looks like snow! Naturally sweetened with dates and carrot, they are the perfect festive treat.

Raw Mixed Berry Cheesecake, Sea, Salt & Greens

Using only a few basic, nutrient-filled ingredients like nuts and berries, this raw mixed berry cheesecake from Sea, Salt & Greens is a guaranteed winner over the festive period! Flavoured with cinnamon and vanilla, and topped with red currants and frozen blueberries, it’s Christmas in a cheesecake!

Rawtella Nut Butter, Dani Row Runs 

Nutella +Raw= Rawtella? Yes please! As an avid fan of nut butters, this one is a must-try! The recipe is pretty straight forward, and the end product looks amazing! Spread it on crackers or toast – or just grab a spoon and go! Who doesn’t love eating nut butter straight from the jar?