There is so much to talk about this week: we have three amazing recipes straight from the platform, as well as tips on how to create meaningful affirmations and two amazing book reviews.

If you want to be featured on the Weekly Favourites blog, simply share your latest blog post in the PROMO thread or the Recipe Sharing Group. Here’s the  roundup of this week’s favourites.

How to Set Positive Affirmations

An affirmation is a carefully considered message created to help you stay focused on changing a negative belief or focusing more on a positive belief. On the blog Live Loosley she gives a step-by-step guide on how to create meaningful affirmations for ourselves.

Book Reviews: Yoga Gym, and Superfood Kitchen

 Superfood Kitchen is written by a Los-Angeles-based natural foods chef and Julie Moris. Julie is also an author of four bestselling books including Superfood Smoothies and Petra from Be Healthy Now shares with us her top learnings from the book. In the meanwhile Karen from Beyond the Bathroom Scale introduces us to Yoga Gym, a book that will definitely make you question the way you workout.

Green Vegetable Smoothie Bowl


This recipe from Nourish Everyday is fruit-free, packed with delicious greens and perfect for a pick-me-up on the go. Trust us when we tell you that you are going to fall in love with its simplicity (if you haven’t already with the vibrancy of the bowl itself).

Super Green Protein Pancake


This recipe is a perfect post-workout refuel, breakfast and Sunday brunch. This recipe from So Fresh, So Lean is so straightforward and quick that there is no reason pancakes can’t be a healthy addition to your day, especially when it’s only one gigantic green Hulk full of goodness.

Winter Salad with Garlic Beans


Winter salads anyone? Sus from Rough Measures reminds us or the warmer, lighter days in the depths of winter. Nothing does that better than the taste, colours and texture of a vibrant salad.  These garlic butter beans keep this salad hearty and have a creamy texture that pairs with the crunch from the fennel and carrot.

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