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Pumpkin soup_0023_edited-1

Root vegetable soup, Eleanor Coales

With the cold weather approaching and the evenings drawing in, hearty and comforting meals like stews, soups and bakes are becoming so much more appealing! Using fresh, seasonal ingredients is the best way to make sure you’re getting your vegetables at their tastiest, and also the cheapest way too eat healthily too! Check out Eleanor Coale’s mouth-watering recipe for a delicious root vegetable soup. You can easily swap the main pumpkin for a different vegetable, as Eleanor did, depending on what you prefer!


Overtraining: When to take some Time Out

Are you overtraining? Katie from Katie B Healthy shares on her blog about what overtraining is, how to avoid it and how to get over it. Overtraining often happens after an intense programme of exercise and training, or a prolonged period of training with minimal rest. If you’re starting to feel constantly tired, weak, and like your progress has plateaued or even reversing, chances are you may be experiencing the symptoms of overtraining.


How to Sleep Better: The Mountain Guide to Improve your Sleep

Are you looking to improve your sleeping pattern? Sleep allows the body to rest and restore it’s energy levels, playing a huge role in immune function, metabolism and mental focus. Not only that, but it also affects our mood and judgement. Claire Mountain gives us 9 tips on how to achieve a better night sleep. You are welcome #hbloggers

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