I am a health-conscious food and fitness blogger and enthusiast currently based in London.

My blog is my personal art space where I’m trying to combine 2 controversial things: my affection with healthy (often vegetarian or vegan) dishes, which are perfect for guys and gals keeping fit and working out regularly, and extremely unhealthy, yet delicious breathtaking bits for my friends and family.

They are not caring about nutrition plans and being like “Ehh? What these things are? Just give me another piece of this cake and we’re done with it.” I love all things healthy and cool, but being a foodie, I’m trying to keep it real for everyone.

I am typically waking up with early birds, at around 6-7 am, have my Almond Milk Cappuccino, and then I am typically off to the gym, or Barry’s Bootcamp type of class – so happy that I live next door to Barry’s West!

From Instagram: @vitaliyan

All these fitness activities are inevitably followed by a good brekkie  I cook it myself most of the times to make sure it is healthy, delish, and nutritious) and start getting all my daily activities done!

I am an MIB student at Hult Business School, so I always have a lot of things on me. Apart from that, I run a Youtube channel called Such Healthy Stuff, an Instagram account and a blog.

So my schedule is always about to blow up, but that is exactly what I like – I can’t stand sitting at home with nothing to do.

 If I’m fully packed, I prepare my meals in advance and carry them around in containers. If I’m more flexible, I just pop into any healthy cafe which are myriads in London, you know it better than me.

When I finally haul myself back home, I start working on retouching pictures, rendering videos, and cooking food (inventing recipes may take place here)!

My latest favourite creation is coconut and dates mousses the reason for that is simplicity – you just need like 4 ingredients and 3 steps to make it work! Super healthy, organic, and delicious.

From Instagram: @vitaliyan

To sum up, I am a really active healthy lifestyle promoter.

 I don’t know what I would do without the calendar on my iPhone! I’ll be completely lost If I stop using that, I’m such a planner.