Boston, Massachusetts is a city that is working tirelessly to transform itself into a health hub.

With the recent global interest in healthy living, Boston has now found itself sprinkled with fitness studios, juice bars, and stores that carry readily available organic products that promote and encourage this sought after lifestyle. Although it has not hit quite as many strides as other major cities in this realm, the small, charming, and resilient city is making its name in the health world.

Health, though, is a concept that is constructed of myriad sides. It is not one singular workout or food that will create the perfect healthy balance for your body. Rather, it is the intersection of these various aspects that will ultimately result in personal success. Targeting each area of health is a challenge in and of its own; however, three companies in Boston embody health and all of its components, and will enthusiastically help you to achieve your goals.

B/Spoke Studios, 101 Federal St., Boston MA

B/Spoke is only just in its second year of business, and has already been awarded the high honor of Best of Boston 2015. The indoor cycling studio is a lifestyle company that not only builds strength in your muscles and spinning technique, but also encourages you to live your best life through motivating mantras from inspiring and talented instructors, sleek and trendy fitness gear, organic bathing products, and a partnership with a local juice bar. The spin classes are intense, and each instructor presents their fiery personality into the class creating a full range of workouts. The studio also utilises the music sharing website and app Spotify to create beat heavy playlists to keep your body moving. Instructors can share their playlists publicly so you may access them outside of the studio. Classes are 35, 45 or 60 minutes and pack in some serious punch that leaves you drenched in sweat with major energy. Of course the main event is spinning, but B/Spoke is unique in that weighted arm and carefully choreographed core exercises are also integrated into the overall workout, making it a full body experience. Additionally, the instructors place a strong emphasis on riding to the rhythm of the music playing; this allows you to gain the most benefit from the class, and is extremely encouraging and comforting to be a part of the class community. B/Spoke has set the bar beyond high for other studios, and whether you are a beginner, seasoned spinner, or Tour de France cyclist, you will not be disappointed with what you receive with your experience at B/Spoke.

Exhale Spa & Yoga, 28 Arlington St. & 2 Battery Wharf, Boston MA

With two convenient locations in the city, Exhale not only offers top-rated spa services ranging from deep tissue massage to reiki, but also has yoga and barre classes to help guests gain that balance of health from many sides. The atmosphere of Exhale is extraordinarily serene; the moment you enter their doors you feel instant relief of stress, then excitement for your pending transformation. The dim lighting, Buddha statues, neutral colour scheme, and peacefully fragrant incense allow you to fully immerse yourself in the restorative experience. The spa facilities are pristine, and carry the most up to date and healthful products available. Exhale has an impressive amount of spa services available including traditional therapies (i.e. deep tissue, shiatsu, sports, facials), in addition to Eastern treatments such as acupuncture and cupping. Exhale also pioneered the concept of core fusion – a core exercise technique that can be combined in a class with yoga or barre. Instructors and therapists are well trained, friendly, and accommodating. Yoga and barre classes range from all levels to advanced, with many techniques in between such as Vinyasa flow, Yin, and power. Exhale’s fitness classes are available on the popular membership website ClassPass, which allows members to pay $99/month with access to participating gyms and studios in any city that utilises ClassPass. Additionally, there are often many promotional packages advertised; Exhale is distinctive in the sense that it is a luxury company, yet works hard to ensure it is accessible by anyone who desires their services.

Life Alive, 765 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge MA

Life Alive Urban Oasis and Organic Café is one of only a handful strictly vegan restaurants in the city. Just a skip over the Charles River into Cambridge near the MIT and Harvard campuses, Life Alive boasts a completely organic menu of juices, smoothies, filling salads, grain bowls, and wraps. The menu is diverse, and not to mention they make some of the most delicious lemon hummus ever to be tasted. The café also features local musicians on live music nights, and displays local artists’ work throughout the café to highlight the talent that lives among us in this creative city. Life Alive works to cultivate that healthy lifestyle mentality, nourishing from the inside out and supporting local. For example, on Earth Day this year, 10% of the profits made from the day were donated to local organic farms in Massachusetts to support farmers and their necessary work. Recommended menu items to try: The Mystic Mountain Salad, Green Goddess Bowl (with a dollop of that lemon hummus added on top), and The Udon Miso Masterful Bowl.