Vero: The “True Social” Social Network
Great idea, questionable execution
Vero is not looking to become the new Instagram or Facebook anytime soon. Due to some serious allegations towards its CEO, as well as bugs and some shady TOS, the app future still seems uncertain.
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You may know it as the “new Instagram” and the “new Facebook”  – nevertheless, Vero jumped in Apple Store’s “Trending” list with over 1 million sign-ons to the platform.

The recent popularity of the app and recent influx of new users, especially from the Cosplay and Tattoo communities, has been the driver for growth during the past few days: “Vero is extremely excited that users are embracing the app and the belief in the need for a Truly Social Network. says a representative of the company.

As content creators and influencers, a lot of people have jumped on the bang-wagon  as early adopted – with Vero being very visual in its approach, but relying on the idea of recommendations (whether it be places, books, music or movies).

This does not necessarily mean it’s going to be an overall success.

As our community kept asking us whether it was worth the download, we had to brave the ‘delete account’ horror-stories and see for ourselves.

The pros of Vero

What’s got people the most excited is there are no ads and no algorithms (yes, this means chronological feeds). When interviewed on the HBC, Vero representative explained the reason behind their choice: Vero has a unique range of features, because of this model, your feed is populated solely with posts that you choose to see. You also have the power to choose which viewers can see what content, unlike other social media platforms”.

When you go to create a post (just by clicking the ‘+’ symbol) – you’ll be asked whether you want to upload a “Camera”, “Link”, “Music”, “Movie/TV”, “Book” or “Place”. You can choose who’s going to see your posts (followers, friends, acquaintances are an option – which I am in total honesty finding slightly confusing and overwhelming), and you can simply comment and like, pretty much like everywhere else online.

When asking about the pros for influencers, Vero commented:All content on Vero is genuine, tailored for who users want to see it and when. Sharing isn’t a one-size-fits-all. For example, you don’t stand on a podium to share everything with the world constantly, you choose who you share different moments with each day. So as Vero, we knew we wanted to create a platform where people were able to continue to share the way they do in real life with those they choose to share it with.”

The Ugly Side of Vero

At the moment the app is still experiencing a series of issues and bugs, as well as some serious allegations linked to its CEO (this Twitter thread is actually quite worrying) and is clearly heading towards a subscription model.

Already help forums are flooded with users desperate to delete their accounts (you have to submit a request via email).

The secret to deleting your account is simple: click on the question mark in your profile, then choose the option “Delete my account” found under the dropdown menu titled “Choose a Department”. Once that has been submitted, you have to wait and see if your request to leave is granted.