What is Vero? I feel like, if you are a content creator, you may have heard this name – or read it online, or have seen people directing their followers to this new platform.

As more and more members of the communities kept as asking us “is Vero worth the hype?” as well as “is Vero as dodgy as half of the internet is telling us?”

We managed to catch up with Vero and get to know more about this app, as well as left a few of our thoughts below.

Is Vero a brand new concept?

Not really, the app has been going since 2015, however, the recent popularity of the app and recent influx of new users, especially from the Cosplay and Tattoo communities, has been the driver for growth during the past few days: “Vero is extremely excited that users are embracing the app and the belief in the need for a Truly Social Network” says a representative of the company.

Vero’s business model isn’t based on serving advertisements. So how will Vero make money?

As a subscription service, the users are the customers, not the product sold to advertisers – which, of course, can be rather refreshing in light of the constant need for Instagram and Facebook to monetise their platforms: “Vero allows users to celebrate their passions without the placement of ads or use of algorithms, bots or data mining.”

When asking about the subscription method, the spokesperson replied: By having a future subscription method, You’ll always be able to see the posts you want to see for those you follow, never something a bot as decided you should see.”

Vero is a social network for anyone who loves anything enough to share it – and wants control over who they share it with. Just like we do in real life.

Vero is working hard to resolve the service interruptions and upgrade their technology infrastructure caused by the enormous demand for Vero. This resolved in the app’s decision to open up free lifetime membership for early adopter – in a nutshell, get in quick and become an early adopter: “We are so grateful for the outpouring of support and encouragement we have received as we work to restore uninterrupted service for everyone.”

How does Vero make sure people are not overwhelmed with content?

Vero has a unique range of features, because of this model, your feed is populated solely with posts that you choose to see. You also have the power to choose which viewers can see what content, unlike other social media platforms.

How do you look to protect the network against bots or spam?

You have to be a user to get on Vero. We have spent the last year creating interesting and above all authentic activations with creatives across multiple communities from Film, Music, Photography and Comics. This ongoing authentic contribution and respect, resonated and connected these communities. By continuing with this trend and ensuring content remains genuine, users will continue to have a whole bunch of incredible artists, brands and friends, creating unique and original content just for you.

What are the main benefits of being on Vero for very active people in the online world?

All content on Vero is genuine, tailored for who users want to see it and when. Sharing isn’t a one-size-fits-all. For example, you don’t stand on a podium to share everything with the world constantly, you choose who you share different moments with each day. So as Vero, we knew we wanted to create a platform where people were able to continue to share the way they do in real life with those they choose to share it with.

Smarter searching: could Vero be a tool for trendsetters and influencers?

Of course, Vero is really what you are able to make it, and we’ve already started to see this taking shape.

Let’s talk about smarter creating: how do you envision it turning into a way for some content creators to showcase their work?

Vero users have always been doing this. Some examples of the activations include partnering with Max Joseph to create the film “Dicks,” and working with photographer Robert Whitman to release a book of Prince photographs shot before he was famous—which was sold exclusively through Vero. Recently, Vero worked with famed director Zack Snyder to release the short film Snow Steam Iron, as well as BAFTA winner Asim Chaudhry to release the short film Love Pool, both of which were available exclusively on Vero.  

A note from us: is Vero going to take over Instagram?

Let’s lay out the numbers: Instagram has 800 million monthly users, two million advertisers, a library of 40 billion photos and video consumption is up 80 percent year over year.

Its TOS (terms of service) are relatively transparent, copyright is well protected, and overall it’s owned by Facebook – which means its software is well-equipped to resolve bugs as it goes along.

When reading more online, a few articles seem to clearly outline some shady business and ‘untold clauses’ that may put to question some of Vero’s claims. The gray area the app has created for itself has led users to try and delete the account – which seems to be at this time quite a strenuous task.

According to Mashable, CEO Ayman Hariri has said they will make it easier to delete your account soon. But, for the time being, it looks like you have to request – just in case you ‘change your mind’.

Is Vero worth signing up for? Come back tomorrow for our review of the social network.