In the UK, 2016 has been the year of boutique fitness studios, obstacle course racing, fusion gym classes (we’re looking at you, barre and piloxing), athleisure, bone broth, veg smoothies sprinkled with ocean algaes, and matcha on everything. Nut milks have become mainstream, plant-based proteins are more readily available and non-toxic beauty awareness is on the rise – hooray!

As the year draws to a close, team HBC are busy making our health and fitness trend predictions for 2017. Take a look at what we think will be trending in 2017…

Social Fitness

Towards the end of 2016 we’ve seen a shift in the social scene – particularly in London. Millennials are opting more and more frequently to catch up over post-work workouts and protein smoothies instead of post-work drinks, and we’ve seen a huge change in the fitness industry as a result. With fitness apps like WeTrain, Flexi and Fitssi connecting individuals with unique workouts as well as other fitness-lovers in their area, making new friends and catching up with old ones whilst getting your sweat on is the new going out.

Insect Protein

We’ve seen cricket flour and energy bars increase in popularity this year thanks to its super high protein content (almost 3x higher than steak!) and relatively sustainable sourcing. Team HBC can even confirm that it doesn’t taste bad at all – it has a mild and neutral taste, and is particularly well suited as a replacement to flour in baking. With around 80% of the world’s countries already eating insects, is it time the Western world hopped on the trend too? More than 25 edible insect startups have launched in the last 4 years in America, and we think 2017 might be the time  the UK market joins in on the buzz too!

Vitamin-enriched Tea

Tea with added vitamins and minerals will become a regular staple to the tea cupboard in 2017. No longer will choosing to have green tea instead of a builder’s brew leave you with a feeling of superiori-tea in the office; now your green tea must contain added vitamins E, C, A (etc.) to be the healthiest choice. We’ve seen brands like tPlus and Pukka revolutionise the tea market, with even big brand Tetley’s launching a ‘super green tea’ range with added vitamins and superfoods.

Probiotic Bowls

Research highlighting a link between gut health and overall well-being is on the rise. From skin disorders, allergies, energy levels and even mood, your gut can affect every aspect of your wellness. Described as the second brain for the body, a healthy gut full of good bacteria is the latest must-have in the health and wellness world. This means there’s been a recent rise in the popularity of probiotic supplements and food (like sauerkraut, kimchi and tempeh), and we think this is only going to increase in 2017. It’s time for Buddha Bowls to make way for Probiotic Bowls on the menu.


The health benefits of mushrooms are nothing new: they’ve been a main staple in ancient Asian medicine and herbal therapies since time began. From aiding weight loss and improving immunity to fighting inflammation and even destroying growing tumours, health-conscious foodies are already eating as many organic reishi, shiitake and chanterelle they can forage. We predict that superfood brands will tap into the mushroom’s super powers in 2017 to deliver an added boost to healthy lifestyle consumers.

Collagen powder

Collagen is the protein responsible for forming the connective tissue for bones, muscles and blood cells, and it is essential in maintaining smooth, healthy and supple skin. As we age, our ability to produce collagen declines – hence the onset of wrinkles and dried out skin. In an effort to eschew the effects of time and maintain a youthful glow naturally, many brands are capitalising on the promise of youthful regeneration through collagen. Just beware that the jury is still out on this one – some research suggests it might not be as beneficial as some brands claim.

Functional fitness workouts

Prepare to work up a sweat in 2017 with functional fitness workouts that incorporate equipment such as chains, slamballs and tyres in their programmes. Functional fitness involves doing exercise that works various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, in order to improve mobility and strength and benefit the way you move in everyday life. Some of London’s finest include GymLab, F45 and Crossfit. These workouts are no joke but serious fun.


No one can deny the importance of getting a good night’s sleep, yet so many of us fail to get a full 8 hours. Sleep is essential in memory formation, the processing of information in the brain and the reparation of muscles. In 2017, we predict an almighty return to the importance of sleep and improving the quality of it. Prepare to read all about how to develop healthy bedtime habits, the best routines to help you unwind, and the natural remedies to aid a restorative kip.

What are your predicted health and fitness trends for next year? Share them with us in the comments box below!