Showcasing some of our favourite new blogging talent, these top five health bloggers are ones to watch in 2016. So, whether you’re looking for awesome new blogs to follow, inspiration for your next blog post, or even the motivation to start your own blog, these guys are worth checking out.

Hannah and Fit 

Philosophy: Hannah is a 22 year old Graphic Design student living on the south coast of the UK. She launched this blog after a year of educating herself with a healthy lifestyle. Up until the age of 20 she partied every weekend, indulged in takeaways, dairy and refined sugars. She considered herself ‘healthy’ because she would have a piece of fruit or perhaps 1 portion of veg with dinner. Then, of course, things changed.
Check it out if… you are looking for inspiration when it comes to changing your diet and approaching a healthier lifestyle.

You Lean me Up

Philosophy: Indie is a London Deaf Fitness Enthusiast who uses her blog to show that it is possible, as a deaf person, to stay just as fit and healthy as anyone else living an active lifestyle. As she is deaf herself, she wants to show that deafness is not limiting her fitness or healthy clean lifestyle in any way.

Check it out if…you love fitness, and are an advocate of everyone, especially people with disabilities, having the opportunity to live a healthy and sporty lifestyle without barriers.

Eat Life Well

Philosophy: As a Certified Health Coach, Steph works with individuals and corporations. She gives advice on how to tailor habits that will stick, as well as budget-friendly health tips that fit with your current lifestyle. Steph believes in preventative care that will ensure a longer, more active life, and wants to show that you don’t have to sacrifice taste in order to be healthy. 

Check it out if…you are looking for valuable information and news on topics such as nutrition and wellness, as well some drool-worthy recipes.

Calm, Happy, Healthy 

Philosophy: Run by Matt, ‘Calm Happy Healthy’ exists to do all it can to help make life a richer, more inspiring and enjoyable experience. Matt aims to help you adjust your lifestyle and way of thinking and to be more mindful. He also encourages his readers to realise that they have the power and ability to change what needs to be changed within themselves, to reduce stress, improve health of mind, diet and energy levels, and to live a Calmer, Happier and Healthier life.

Check it out if…you are interested in a series of articles from different bloggers on a variety of topics revolving around wellness. Don’t miss out on Matt’s roundups from the health and wellness scene.

Dinner Stories

Philosophy: A twenty-something Scottish foodie sharing stories of her fitness journey, life in and around Aberdeen, plus adventures and culinary experiences from across the globe. She started out 6 years ago as a party girl who had never exercised a day in her life and transformed into a health conscious individual who can normally be found lifting weights in the gym or enjoying the odd OCR.

Check it out if…you want to follow a journey of weight loss. Christy is documenting her pre-wedding fat loss mission via her blog and has started vlogging on her new Youtube channel.