SEO stands for “search engine optimisation”.

Essentially, the idea behind it is that there are steps you need to take to get your blog to rank high in search engines. SEO for bloggers doesn’t have to be complicated, this is why we have a full section on the matter in our Blog Superhero course.

If you’re taking the time to write content, you obviously want to be found. So besides the people who regularly subscribe to you and find you through social media, a great way to get people to read your blog is for them to find you through search engines – which is why “What is SEO?” matters so much.

Keyword research forms your base for SEO

Even though individual keywords themselves are no longer enough to form the foundation of your content, everything begins with good keyword research.

Research around topics and themes

Resist researching single keywords, and instead move towards exploring your keyword themes.
Use natural language and variations. During your keyword research process, it’s helpful to identify other common ways searchers refer to your topic, and include these in your content when appropriate.

Structure your content appropriately.

Headers, paragraphs, lists, and tables all provide structure to content so that search engines understand your topic targeting. Insider’s tip: adding your keywords to headings helps your post in the rankings!