Wonder how the top bloggers get where they are?

Today I’m going to share three things that I have noticed about interacting with successful bloggers.

Successful bloggers…

Have a clear message

The message might be different between bloggers, but successful bloggers always have a clear message.  Staying consistent and having something that you believe in helps to gather followers who identify with that message. It is also important for building your personal brand.

Reply to emails promptly

I’ve been surprised that when I’ve sent emails to bloggers who I know are busy with multiple projects I have received an email back the same day! Receiving a reply quickly sets a good tone and is very important if you want to collaborate with companies and other bloggers.

Are engaged on social media

Successful bloggers don’t just put their content out there. They engage with readers and followers on social media. Using this strategy can help people feel more connected to you and enable you to see what kind of content your audience would respond well to.

Do you have these habits already for your blog?

If you don’t already use these strategies then you can try to implement them and see if it makes a difference to your followers and engagement on your blog. At first you will have to consciously try and do these things, but soon they will become habits.