This month we asked our friends at Sport Setters to share with us some of their favourite workouts to inspire us to throttle back to the gym and try something new. SportSetter is the on-demand fitness app, connecting you with fitness locations around the city. TechCrunch called it “Uber for Fitness”. SportSetter is currently live in NYC, Helsinki and London. If you are looking for inspiration to burn out those mince pies, these guys got you covered. With all these studios opening and offering amazing deals and workouts, it’s hard for health bloggers to choose.

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Equinox Class  –  BOXING BOOT CAMP

Work on creating or enhancing your boxing skills. Great for cardio conditioning, as well as building strength and endurance through, boxing drills, shadow boxing, kickboxing, jump rope, and a variety of core strengthening exercises.

For health bloggers who need to let their hair down after a long, long week. 

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Fierce Grace – WILD

Based on a unique structure of modern/ancient exercises from Martial Arts, Kundalini Yoga, Ballet Conditioning, Qi Gong, Physiotherapy, resistance stretching, HIIT and Super Slow along with strength conditioning. Simple functional movements allow the body to make it’s own micro adjustments to loosen, tone and integrate safely.

For health bloggers who are keen to explore a brand new approach to yoga and mindfulness. 

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Great beats, state of the art lighting, top of the range equipment, charismatic and highly experienced instructors. This combination creates a workout experience like no other. Every session is different, you will never do the same workout twice. To help your motivation and energy, there will even be a live DJ in some of our evening classes to enhance your experience further.

For health bloggers who can get easily bored, and like to shake it off on the dance floor.

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