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Hannah from The Green Machine – About me

My interest in food began after suffering an array of diet related problems my entire life. I was finally diagnosed with IBS this year.  Eating out was so difficult and I felt isolated, so I looked for other alternatives.

My mission

The more I became conscious of what I was putting in my body, the more I cared about what I was putting on my body. This flowed into what I was wearing, what I was buying and how this was effecting myself, the environment and those around me.

The Green Machine is big on sustainability, ethical farming and production, supporting local businesses, organic produce, eco-friendly brands, allergy-friendly meals and active lifestyles. I strive to promote a healthy attitude to food and fitness. It’s not all about who can eat the most kale or who has done the most squats. It’s about catering to you. Giving options. We all have different needs and goals and that’s something to be celebrated.

How I got into Blogging/Instagramming

By trade, I am a food and portrait food photographer and writer. I’ve always aimed to pave a career out of what I love, so writing and taking photos for a blog was a fantastic way to combine my love of food and fitness with my desire to share my writing and photography.

Whilst searching for allergy-friendly information, I felt there was a lot of misinformation out there regarding health. I think some people unintentionally provide false information, not maliciously but due to misunderstanding. We can’t all qualify as a dietitian or sports coach, so let’s speak to the people who have. I’m a professional photographer, not a doctor but didn’t want to put out information based on “bad science”, so I always seek out professionals from any given industry for expert opinions to back up facts. I love guest bloggers and people I can interview so it’s always a joy to speak to the experts.

The Green Machine started as a “Directory” so people with similar interests could find all the information they needed in one place. I’d read a lot of blogs that were either all about food, solely about fitness or focused just on natural beauty. It took hours going through so many different websites so I wanted to bring it together under one virtual roof.

The post you’ll love…

Check out Mud Run Memoirs: My First Obstacle Race, which details my experiences diving into an unknown sport. I could barely run 1km before I did my first race and now I’m running for championships! I hope this inspires people to try something new and not doubt their ability. Our skills out finely tuned through dedication, hardwork and determination. No one wakes up an athletes without putting the hours in.

Seasonal Strawberry and tomato bruschetta is another one of my favourites too. So quick, a little different and insanely tasty.