Article in partnership with The Collective.

The co-living experience is designed to be hassle-free, unlocking your time to get shit done. Rent, bills, council tax, cleaning and linen changes are all included in one simple monthly payment, and a 24/7 community team.

Does it sound too good to be true?

Co-living may not be for everyone, but it has definitely attracted an amazing crowd of creatives.

The co-living community is made of entrepreneurs (including the HBC founder, Fab), changemakers, artists, politicians, startup founders, marketers, post-grads, fashion designers, bloggers, software developers. It’s super diverse and eclectic.

Co-living is a way of living that, at its core, promotes community, personal development and belonging, whilst living easily in beautiful spaces.

We observed two problems that exist.

Firstly, trying to find a good quality, affordable place to rent in London is extremely difficult.

It is also a real hassle – landlords don’t care and agents want to rip you off. We tackle this problem by creating a really easy and simple way to move in and once you’re here, you only pay one bill each month.

We are tackling the housing crisis by offering people great places to live that suits their needs and wants, and puts the power back in their hands (rather than the hands of landlords and agents).

At a macro level, major cities are not building enough homes. In order to retain young people in the city, we must be building these homes.

The second problem is that we are increasingly lonely.

London is a big city and technology is making us increasingly isolated. Loneliness kills and we want to address this unspoken problem by building communities for members to join – it becomes like a second family.

Events are a key way that we bring people together.

Around half our events are led by the community as well, which makes them really special – being able to tap into the amazing skills and talent that our community has is, without doubt, one of the perks of living here.

We base a lot of work on feedback, ideas and suggestions from members. However, we also have core pillars in the community experience that we want to deliver against – well-being, entertainment and personal + professional development. These pillars run through our events programme.

What are the three main reasons people move into the collective?

Community, convenience and amazing spaces.

Article in partnership with The Collective – click here to book a tour and do not forget to add HEALTHBLOGGERS as an offer code. If you signup for a 12-month contract by the 30th September you’ll get £650 cashback. Every signup after the 30th September with the code HEALTHBLOGGERS to get £100 Amazon voucher (ask a member of the Collective team for full T&Cs).