The blogs that I am an avid reader of are blogs that feel authentic; when I’m reading a post it feels as though it’s part of a conversation and the blogger is speaking directly to me.

It’s as though the blog post was written exclusively for me. That may sound all a bit New-Agey, but having a blog that conveys your authentic voice is one way to ensure that you grow and retain readers.

What is a “blog’s” voice?

Your blog’s voice is just that – the tone, personality and persona that comes through each time you share content – a blog post.

How do I get mine?

Your blog’s voice will most likely evolve and develop as you do. I remember when I first started blogging, back in the Xanga days (anyone remember Xanga??) and my content was super young – I was super young and I was talking to a bunch of other girly pre-teens online. Then, I moved onto Blogger with a blog called Beauty Cuisine – I was a budding beauty blogger and I was connecting with other university students and graduates. My current iteration of a blog is about me and my passions – food & fitness, but as I’m 26, I’m speaking to a larger range of adult women who share the same interests. My blog’s voice has always reflected:

  1. Who I am
  2. Who I am speaking to.

By working out the above, you can ensure that your blog’s voice is authentically you.

Who You Are

Figuring out who you are can help with narrowing your blog’s content. Do you have a passion for food, or perhaps knitting? Do you want to blog about running as new runner, or your passion for marathons? Nailing down what your blog is about and who you are will help define your voice. It’s really transparent when a blog’s author isn’t writing about their passion or things that they’re interested in – it can come across contrived and awkward in the copy. On the contrary, it’s remarkable how easy blogging can feel, or coming up with post ideas when you’re truly writing about something you love.

Who Are You Speaking To?

Have an idea of your audience; who can you imagine reading your blog post? Are you speaking to those who are also interested in your passions? On my blog, I know my reader is generally in their mid-twenties, interested in healthy eating; learning more about nutrition, and exercise is something they look forward to. I tend to have a female skew, and while I don’t believe I purposely gender my content, I often touch on subjects specific to women. Of course, some posts appeal to a wider range of people, but that’s perhaps my “default,” if you will.

A good exercise I do to see if a post sounds like myself is, when I am editing, if there are any sentences that feel too contrived or cringe – if when I’m reading it back I feel a bit awkward doing so, I usually know that it needs some work. Try and write exactly how you speak, in terms of the language you use – of course smarten it up a bit as it’s the written word or as you see fit, depending on the post content.

I’ve listed a few of my favourite blog’s below in terms of their blogging voice – these bloggers’ posts are refreshingly straight-forward, genuine and easy to read. You’ll have hours of reading pleasure!

Do you have any tips for developing your blog’s voice and tone? Pop them down in the comments. Alternatively, if you’re ready to take your blog to the next level and create killer content, check out our Blog Superhero course in the HBC Academy.