When I got engaged around 2 years ago, naturally being a blogger I wanted to write document all the planning and prep leading up to the wedding.

I realised being a fitness blogger, my followers and audience wouldn’t be interested in any of that, they didn’t follow me to be bombarded with all my wedding plans, so that’s where The Wild Bride was born.

What started as an inspiration blog later developed into a business!

We offer photography and video packages for the brides who are wild at heart. For the non-traditional, wild and free weddings.

I’ve worked as a social media and marketing manager for some of the industries leading brands for around 8 years now, I’ve learnt first hand how to build your brand from the ground up, and how important your social media and branding is – so it was so was great applying everything I’ve learnt to help build and launch our own business.

On Keeping it in the Family

Working with my husband is great actually! Before we were a couple we were best friends. We met at uni, as we were put in the same flat and then realised we were enrolled on the same course – photography for fashion and advertising.

We spent nearly every day together for 2 years before falling in love.

Starting off as friends was such a good foundation, as working together never seemed like a big deal to us. We’ve actually worked together multiple times, we both worked at Roxy together and then Billabong and countless more freelance projects and now The Wild Bride!

We recently shot a campaign for one of the most luxurious wedding dress companies – Halfpenny London, for their new bridal collection.

They gave us full creative control, which allowed us to capture their collection through our eyes, and the final result was just incredible (see more here)!

We also shot Fitness blogger and youtuber Carly Rowena, and Leon from The Lean Machines surprise wedding in June!

Everyone turned up to celebrate their joint 30th birthday, which in fact turned out to be their SURPRISE WEDDING! It was such an amazing day to be apart of and capture (see more)

Being able to capture each couple’s unique personalities and real-life emotions of the day! 

I think that’s the most important thing to capture and show in a wedding video. When I was looking for someone to video our wedding, I got so uninspired when all I could find was the more traditional wedding videos, that show you the day in real time, that just seems to go on forever.

It wasn’t exciting to watch and didn’t really show you the couple’s real personality, or any personality really!

So I think it’s important that a wedding video highlights all the key emotions and joy from the day and really captures the couple and who they are.