Founders of the Smyth Collective, Aaron and Natalie will be joining us for our Goal setting workshop on 5th June. Aaron will lead a mini ‘SmythSculpt’ class, before Natalie gives a short talk on nutrition. Grab your ticket to join the fun!

The Smyth Collective is a global collective, producing content to inspire everybody through movement. By creating a boutique experience, they inspire people to move and dance wherever they are. The founder, designer and director Aaron Smyth,  a former dancer with American Ballet Theatre, The Royal Ballet and The Joffrey Ballet, is joined by sister, nutritionist and naturopath Natalie Smyth. Together they have created an experience that will nourish every step of your life through movement and wellbeing. As a dymanic duo, Aaron provides a dance inspired circuit workout, called SmythSculpt. Natalie runs consultations as well as providing members with nourishing treats and tips post-workout. You can also bring the Smyth Collective home with you in their proudly unique Australian-made athleisure wear.

Partnering up as brother and sister

Natalie: It is said that your most successful profession (or calling, if you like), is a 50:50 mix of what you loved doing as a child, and what you love doing now. I loved pretending to be a witch (aka nature fairy), concocting anything in the kitchen, caring for people, and (like Aaron) I loved to dance (though being more curvaceous, I was drawn to Latino and tribal music). I was getting lots of headaches in clinical practice, which can be very isolating. Though I loved it, I had to reduce my weekly hours, and incorporate some diversity, and some of my past.

Where it all began

Aaron started The Smyth Collective with just a dancewear line. As time progressed, new ideas kept popping up. Whilst travelling and dancing around the world and living in Chicago, Aaron did an online business degree. He had to think ahead as the longevity of dancing is very short-lived. He’s always loved designing so creating dancewear was, naturally, another creative outlet.

We were both back home in Australia over Christmas, the first Christmas together in 10 years, when we started chatting and brainstorming. We realised that we had the same goals and complemented each other as a dynamic duo.

Aaron, being creative and visual, believes in nourishing yourself on the outside, through expression and movement. Whereas I have more mindful and technical skills; I prioritise a healthy mindset, naturopathic philosophies, science, and nourishing yourself on the inside. And what brings us together is our laughter and wonder for life.

Smyth Sculpt Classes

Natalie: The class is curated by Aaron, utilising ballet principles and dance inspired movements. It’s all about being present and finding joy without expectations. Through this experience you will feel full of power and grace. We hope that you leave the class feeling light, and dancing wherever you go!

The class is made up of 3 stations with 9 different movements. Each movement you perform for 45 seconds, then rest for 15 second and repeat 3 times, then you head to the next station. After you have completed all stations, we then combine all 9 different movements into a dance. We finish with a light stretch and meditation. The great thing about this class is it’s completely different every time; it is all made up on the spot and you never know what’s going to be thrown at you. We get inspired by the space we do the class in, so each class has a lot to do with the surroundings around us.

The idea behind the classes

Aaron: Firstly, you never experience the same workout, and the space changes frequently. It’s based on the movement and expression of who you are. Without realising it, you’re working your memory, improving coordination and your musicality timing (being musical), and learning spacial awareness. The idea is that you are able to know and connect with your body, understanding where it moves and how it moves, but most of all that you have fun in a social atmosphere.

It is believed that we only use roughly 20% of our bodies’ physical and mental capacity. Our bodies aren’t designed for static movement and currently, we’re not using our bodies to their full potential. Notice people’s posture and how they hold themselves; how closed off they are in their connection to each other. We focus on making you stand tall in your body, starting from grounding yourself and flourishing from the inside out.  

Why make athleisure?

Aaron: The business started with dancewear. Being a male dancer, I was frustrated with the fabric of the leotards the female dancers were wearing. As when I had to partner and lift, my hands would slip on their fabric. As you can imagine, it was a disaster!  (#dancerproblems) Pondering this on the subway from rehearsals in Chicago, I sourced beautiful fabric, got in touch with my costume maker from when I was a child and made a prototype in Australia. And here we are…. 4 styles later! 

Our athleisure range is simple and minimalistic. It doubles as daywear and nightwear. From plane, to workout, to dinner date. All the while, looking fantastic.

Nutrition and naturopathy

Natalie: I think everyone that falls into the healing arts has their own health challenges or story and has ‘healed’ themselves, or experienced a loved one’s pain. So my healing journey began a very long time ago when I was a child, searching for truths. But my training really grounded me in the science of life.

There was a stage where I thought I ate healthily (counting macronutrients and micronutrients etc) , but I was riddled with anxiety and had CFS. Traditional science nutrition is only a small part of the picture. My training made me completely understand my body, feel confident and strong in my self. No one is a greater ‘doctor’ (I use that term metaphorically) than you: you’re with your body day in, day out, and you need to listen to the messages it’s giving you.

Our ancient traditions had the tools and knew what heals all along. Finally, science is being able to prove mind-body medicine, and with even more of its positive effects than we imagined.

The future of the Smyth Collective

Aaron: We intend to have our own ‘Smyth House’ (whilst also having regular pop ups). The idea is based on essentially creating a community and sanctuary with our clients, offering regular Smythsculpts in which we are present to connect with our clients after class, and hosting regular workshops from inspiring artists and community leaders.

There’s a huge scientific research movement in ‘sociogenomics’, which is based on how our health is influenced by our connection and behavioural effects with the people around us. That’s why creating a community, where we are present (away from devices), is really important to us.

The most precious thing to own is your book of life, and our lives truly are our canvas.