It wasn’t so long ago that if you had a salad for lunch people would jeer and make references to how you were obsessed with losing weight, or if you attended the gym more than twice a week friends would comment that you were obsessed.

Now being healthy has finally been accepted. In actual fact it’s better than that, being healthy is now a trend.

Everywhere you look there are articles about healthy eating, TV programs about how to cut the amount of sugar you consume and juice shops are popping up all over the place. Increasing numbers of people are finally starting to join the health trend (without meaning to make it sound like some sort of club) and learning to look after their bodies both inside and out.

Supermarkets have even joined the club (ok, yes now I’m just going to call it a club as it’s easier) by stocking things like coconut water, high protein snacks, cold pressed juice and even cauliflower rice! Step back five years ago and imagine someone telling you people were going to be making rice from cauliflower and you would’ve laughed. Courgetti would have been even more absurd a suggestion back then, but now even people who admit to not being particularly bothered about working out are starting to pay attention to what they eat.

Supermarkets are changing, along with society and it’s great to know that there are more healthy food options other than just the fruit and veg section. It’s brilliant motivation for people to make healthier choices with their food because there are loads of healthy options filling the shelves and many of these are things that actually don’t take much time to prepare, so making healthy food doesn’t have to be time consuming anymore.

Companies are even starting to sell healthier versions of ready meals and clean eating is becoming widely accepted.

For health bloggers this is fantastic – more people interested in health equals more people searching online for health advice, so more blog visitors!

In fact, there aren’t any negatives to the rise of the health trend in the mainstream world; people are caring more about their health, shops are stocking more healthy options for us all to choose from and eating out is getting easier for anyone who cares about what’s in their food too because most restaurants now cater to the majority of dietary requirements and some even offer low sugar options.

Let’s be honest, any world where the avocado is part of many people’s staple diet is great. Ah the avocado, who knew it would fast become a household favourite across the country? So much so that the media recently reported demand may be outweighing supply.

I remember the days when celery was almost a swear word, when friends would look bemused as I pulled out one of my many Tupperware snack pots during a day out shopping and started munching on seeds and nuts. Now more people actually care about what they eat and what their children eat, so it’s great!

My hope is that the rising health trend will result in a fall in the fad diet trend because of an increased understanding of fuelling and looking after your body, so hopefully people will begin to make generally healthier choices.

Now all we need is for motorway service stations to catch up because I’m fed up of being greeted by a load of fast food chains when I’m looking for a healthy snack to energise me for a long journey.