Last night the HBC team had the pleasure to join the trio of “TheGirlGains” for a very exclusive launch. Vic, Tally and Zanna announced the launch of their own collection of T-shirts, jumpers and accessories (including phone cases and notebooks among others).

Credits: Instagram @zannavandijk

Zanna, Vic and Tally created the @thegirlgains instagram page where we share meal ideas, workouts, inspiring stories and personal anecdotes. Soon followed the facebook page and twitter. From here they launched the first #girlgains events to bring the community together in real life, ranging from small intimate gatherings of girls to larger get-togethers with over 100 attendees.

As the #girlgains movement has grown, they have expanded across the globe through a  community of ambassadors who are located everywhere, hosting local events to bring together a #girlgains community in their area.

For the past 6 months, the trio has been designing, drawing and carefully selecting quotes and products that truly reflect their message and the amazing community they created.

“We’ve been working on the range for over 6 months and it’s so exciting to finally be able to share it with you! We have created a capsule collection including clothing, accessories and phone cases! All featuring our signature empowering quotes. We love every single item and we’re certain you will too! And don’t worry we offer worldwide delivery!” (Zanna Van Dijk on Instagram)

The Girl Gains ambassadors (30 and counting) will be also able to spread the message across the world and via their own events.

Credits: Instagram @tallyrye

Each product in the collection will be spotlighted on social, leading up to the official release date on FRIDAY 27th at 8am GMT.